Best of 1970 Volume 1

Best of 1970 Volume 1 (6/15/02)

1.  The Stooges- 1970

Buy 1970 – Funhouse (Deluxe Edition) [Remastered]
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2.  The Doors- Peace Frog

Buy Peace Frog – Morrison Hotel
Buy Peace Frog ( LP Version )Amazon

3.  James Brown- Funky Drummer

Buy Funky Drummer – Star Time
Buy Funky Drummer (Parts 1 & 2)Amazon

4.  Santana- Samba Pa Ti

Buy Samba Pa Ti – Abraxas
Buy Samba Pa TiAmazon

5.  Van Morrison- Into the Mystic

Buy Into the Mystic – Moondance
Buy Into The Mystic (Album Version)Amazon

6.  Creedence Clearwater Revival- Long As I Can See the Light

Buy Long As I Can See the Light – Cosmo’s Factory (40th Anniversary Edition) [Remastered]
Buy Long As I Can See The LightAmazon

7.  David Bowie- The Man Who Sold The World

8.  The Beatles- Across the Universe

Buy Across the Universe – Let It Be
*Track not available via Amazon

9.  George Harrison- What is Life

Buy What Is Life (Remastered) – Away We Go (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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10.  The Who- The Seeker

Buy The Seeker – Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy
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11.  Joni Mitchell- Big Yellow Taxi

Buy Big Yellow Taxi – Ladies of the Canyon
Buy Big Yellow Taxi (Remastered LP Version)Amazon

12.  Spirit- Nature’s Way

Buy Nature’s Way – Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus
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13.  Crosby Stills Nash & Young- Carry On

Buy Carry On – Deja Vu
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14.  Led Zeppelin- That’s the Way

Buy That’s the Way – Led Zeppelin III
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15.  Grateful Dead- Ripple

Buy Ripple – American Beauty (Bonus Track Version) [Remastered]
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16.  The Velvet Underground- Sweet Jane

Buy Sweet Jane – Loaded
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17.  Black Sabbath- Paranoid

*Track not available via iTunes or Amazon

18.  Randy Newman- Mama Told Me Not to Come

*This version not available via iTunes or Amazon

19.  Neil Young- After the Gold Rush

Buy After the Gold Rush – After the Gold Rush (Remastered)
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20.  John Lennon- God

Buy God – Plastic Ono Band (Remastered)
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