Mixes By Year: Best of 1991 Volume 5

Best of 1991 Volume 5 (4/19/08)

1.  A Tribe Called Quest- Excursions

Buy A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory - Excursions

2.  Black Sheep- Similak Child

Buy Black Sheep - A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - Similak Child

3.  U2- Even Better then the Real Thing

Buy U2 - Achtung Baby - Even Better Than the Real Thing

4.  Superchunk- Cool

Buy Superchunk - Tossing Seeds (Singles 89-91) - Cool

5.  The Pixies- Subbacultcha

Buy Pixies - Trompe le Monde - Subbacultcha

6.  Nirvana- In Bloom

Buy Nirvana - Nevermind - In Bloom

7.  American Music Club- Rise

Buy American Music Club - Everclear - Rise

8.  Slint- Good Morning, Captain

Buy Slint - Spiderland - Good Morning, Captain

9.  Talk Talk- Ascension Day

Buy Talk Talk - Laughing Stock - Ascension Day

10.  Saint Etienne- Nothing Can Stop Us

Buy Saint Etienne - Foxbase Alpha - Nothing Can Stop Us

11.  Blur- There’s No Other Way

Buy Blur - Leisure - There's No Other Way

12.  Fugazi- Exit Only

Buy Fugazi - Steady Diet of Nothing - Exit Only

13.  Public Enemy- Shut ‘Em Down

Buy Public Enemy - Apocolypse '91 - The Enemy Strikes Back - Shut Em Down

14.  Gang Starr- Just to Get A Rep

Buy Gang Starr - Step In the Arena - Just to Get a Rep

15.  Ice Cube- True to the Game

Buy Ice Cube - Death Certificate - True to the Game

16.  The Geto Boys- Mind Playin’ Tricks On Me

Buy Geto Boys - Best of the Geto Boys - Mind Playin Tricks

17.  My Bloody Valentine- Soon

Buy My Bloody Valentine - Loveless - Soon

18.  R.E.M.- Texarkana

BuyR.E.M. - Out of Time - Texarkana

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