Best of 2022 Volume 4 (1/7/23)

  1. The Beths- Silence Is Golden
  2. PUP- Matilda
  3. Spoon- The Devil & Mister Jones
  4. Soccer Mommy- Shotgun
  5. Zach Bryan- Younger Years
  6. Hurray For The Ride Raff- Pointed At The Sun
  7. Horse Girl- Option 8
  8. Dry Cleaning- Hot Penny Day
  9. Destroyer- Tintoretto, It’s For You
  10. Hagop Tchoparien- Right To Riot
  11. Beyonce- Alien Superstar
  12. Sudan Archives- #J13
  13. Rosalia- Chicken Teriyaki
  14. Bad Bunny- Me Fuide Vacaciones
  15. Cate Le Bon- Pompeii
  16. Alex G- Runner
  17. Nilufer Yanya- Midnight Sun
  18. Big Thief- Little Things
  19. Julia Jacklin- Love, Try Not To Let Go
  20. Beach House- Superstar

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