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Mixes By Year: 1978 Most Recommended Albums

1978- the year of disco and faceless arena rock.  But also the year of punk & New Wave.  Lots and lots of punk and New Wave.  Though disco had been a big scene in big urban cities like San Francisco and New York since at least 1973, popular primarily among gays, blacks and Italian and Hispanic Americans, it didn’t truly hit America big until the release in late 1977 of the huge blockbuster Saturday Night Fever.  Suddenly at least half the songs on the radio were disco, rock artists like Rod Stewart & the Rolling Stones were recording disco-oriented music, and even your grandparents were busy learning the dance steps. Anything that saturates the market as heavily as disco did in 1978 will create a heavy backlash and disco was no exception.  It burned out as a fad less than two years later.  I feel that disco is unfairly maligned.  Not all of it is good of course, but there are plenty of great disco tracks.  While the phenomenal Saturday Night Fever Bee Gees tracks (originally released in ’77) were burning up the charts in ’78 there were also great songs like “Boogie Oogie Oogie” by A Taste of Honey, “Last Dance” by Donna Summer, “Got to Be Real” by Cheryl Lynn, “Shame” by Evelyn “Champagne” King, “September” by Earth Wind & Fire (a Disco/Funk hybrid group) and “Le Freak” and “I Want Your Love” by Chic- the king of all disco bands led by future star producers Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards.  Not to mention “Miss You” by the Rolling Stones off of one of their last great albums “Some Girls”- too close to disco for some of their more square fans comfort.  And that was just one year.  Plenty of other great tracks from ’73-’77 and ’79 and ’80.  The genre should not be so easily dismissed.  Though the almost total dominance of disco in the black community during the late 70’s but a big damper on the more experimental sound of funk, the reigning champions of funk, Parliament-Funkadelic managed two great albums in ’78 as well.  Parliament with “Motor Booty Affair” and Funkadelic with “One Nation Under a Groove” perhaps the defining full length album document of the entire genre.

Also dominating white radio at the time were the faceless, arena rock bands like REO Speedwagon, Styx, Boston, Eddie Money, Kansas & Journey.  Most of the bands were hardworking and the musicians could play, but the music was mostly very formulaic and decidedly unsexy and without any edginess. Thankfully the underground punk rock explosion or the last two years, mainly in London and New York City, which brought about an explosion of youthful bands with something to say and a willingness to challenge the status quo.  The band Van Halen, another arena ready group for sure but with much more personality and a unique sound, released their first album “1”, which would lay the groundwork for the entire pop/metal, hairband genres of the 1980’s for better and for worse.  Cheap Trick, an arena rock band from Chicago would have their first hit song with “Surrender” of of the album “Heaven Tonight” (their third release), launching a career that was influenced by punk and would influence much of punk, rock & metal music to come.
Both Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen would follow up their biggest hit albums, “The Stranger” and “Born to Run”, with more subtlety.  Joel’s “52nd Street”, was still a very good album with hits like “Big Shot” and “My Life”, but it was not a tour de force like “The Stranger” which paraded classic after classic.  Springsteen’s “Darkness On the Edge” of town was a bleaker, though almost equally brilliant, turning away from the star making “Born to Run”.  The “Darkness” was far less successful than “Born to Run”, the years have been very kind to it and it’s one of the Boss’s best albums.

Though punk really started as a genre in NYC in the mid 70’s with the CBGB scene and moved to London with much more notoriety and the commercial success of bands like the Clash, the Sex Pistols, the Jam and the Damned, by 1978 punk was already splintering into many different factions.  The Clash released their second album, “Give ‘Em Enough Rope”.  Though it was way less worthy than their amazing debut and was high on filler, there were enough amazing songs on it to make it a necessary purchase.  The Jam continued to clean up their sound and came out with their best album to date “All Mod Cons”.  The Sex Pistols broke up and we wouldn’t hear much of worth from the Damned until the following year’s “Machine Gun Etiquette”.  Other groups which released their first great singles in 1977 came out with their full length debuts in 1978.  Pop/Punk band the Buzzcocks released their first two albums “Another Music In A Different Kitchen” and “Love Bites”- both excellent albums, along with a slew of amazing singles; only some of which were on either album.  The Buzzcock’s “Singles Going Steady” compilation is one of the defining documents of the punk movement- a must have for anyone who even casually enjoys the genre.  X-Ray Spex, led by teenage brace-face Poly Styrene came out with “Germfree Adolescents”, a furious and funny rant against consumerism.  Siouxsie & the Banshees debut single “Hong Kong Garden” and debut album “The Scream” almost singlehandedly inspired the punk offshoot genre of “Goth”, though Joy Division released their first singles as well that year and should probably be given at least partial credit.  Longtime punk institution The Fall released their debut EP “Bingo Masters”.  Other UK Punk groups like 999, Magazine, the Only Ones, Ian Dury & the Blockheads, Gang Of Four, Sham 69, Stiff Little Fingers, Ireland’s the Undertones, Subway Sect, the Sex Pistols leader Johnny Rotten’s new band Public Image Limited & Vic Godard & the Subway Sect all released great albums and/or singles in 1978- some were the first shots fired in promising careers and others were just great one-offs.

Back in NYC punk originators the Ramones released their fourth and possibly last great album, “Road to Ruin”.  Angular guitar gods Television released “Adventure” and the experimental Talking Heads came out with the 2nd as well “More Songs About Buildings and Food”, produced by Brian Eno who also handled Ohio group Devo’s debut “Q: Are We Not Men A: We Are Devo!”  Blondie, who had several minor pop hits already under their belt, delivered their near note perfect third album, “Parallel Lines” which became a blockbuster album, containing 4 pop hits including the #1 Disco/Punk smash “Heart Of Glass”.  The crossover appeal of Blondie caught the record industries’ attention and they began to sign and work “punk” groups that had more mass appeal and could get songs on the radio.  They even coined the kindler and gentler phrase “New Wave” in order to reach a tent as broad as possible.  Groups like Boston’s The Cars and U.K. groups the Police and Squeeze fit under the New Wave umbrella perfect.  The record company gamble worked and New Wave music would become a force in music through the beginning of the 80’s, only dying out around 1984.  The Cars first album, released in 1978 was filled with hits, ala Parallel Lines, and sounds like a greatest hits album when heard today.  The Police’s debut “Outlandos D’Amour” only contained two hits- the biggest though being “Roxanne” was one of the group’s defining songs.  They would, of course, go on to reach much greater commercial heights, but their first album stands, along with various songs by the Clash including their 1978 jaw dropping single “White Man In Hammersmith Palais”, as  a successful fusion of punk music and reggae.  U.K.’s Elvis Costello, released his second album, “This Year’s Model”, where he ditched his old band (soon to become ‘the News’ as in ‘Huey Lewis &’) in favor of the Attractions, who were one of the best flat out bands of the next decade.  “This Year’s Model” is my favorite Costello album and my favorite album of all of 1978.  It’s a must have!

Though ’78 showed many punk bands becoming more accessible and successful, ’78 was an amazing year for more experimental music as well.  Cleveland’s Pere Ubu, one of punk’s original bands in the fish-out-of-water Midwest, came out with their first two full lengths- the great “Dub Housing”, perhaps their best album, and it’s almost as good predecessor “The Modern Dance”.  Ubu owed a lot to the eccentric and enigmatic Captain Beefheart, who had been kicking around since the mid 60’s.  After a few disappointing mid 70’s released, Beefheart made a comeback with “Shiny Beast/Bat Chain Puller”, one of his very best albums.  U.K. minimalistic punk group Wire followed up their amazing debut “Pink Flag” with “Chairs Missing”- still stripped down punk but now indebted to Krautrock.  German robot-synth group Kraftwerk was still at it, releasing probably their most accessible album “The Man Machine” which would hugely influence the early 80’s electro scene.  Critics’ darling Patti Smith released her third album “Easter”.  While not quite reaching the quality of her debut “Horses”, it’s an underrated album containing her first hit single, the Bruce Springsteen penned “Because the Night” and other classics like the sad & beautiful title track and “Privilege (Set Me Free)”.  Talented & precocious U.K. teen Kate Bush released her debut album “The Kick Inside”, along with hit single “Wuthering Heights”- both touchstones for creative, female 90’s ingenues like Tori Amos and Sarah MacLaughlan.

’78 may not be a music buzz year like 1967, ’77 or ’91 but it probably contains as much great music as any of them- coming in the middle of the very fertile musical period between ’77-’82 and paving the way for genres like  New Wave, post-punk & goth music.


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Buy More Songs About Buildings and Food (Remastered) – Talking Heads

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Mixes By Year: Best of 1978 Volume 1

Best of 1978 Volume 1 (11/18/02)

1.  Elvis Costello & the Attractions- Radio Radio

Buy Radio, Radio – This Year’s Model

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2.  The Ramones- I Wanna Be Sedated

Buy I Wanna Be Sedated – Road to Ruin (Deluxe Version)

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3.  Cheap Trick- Surrender

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4.  Van Halen- Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love

Buy Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love – Van Halen

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5.  Chic- Le Freak

Buy Le Freak – C’est Chic

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6.  Cheryl Lynn- Got to be Real

Buy Got to Be Real (Single Version) – The Best of Cheryl Lynn: Got to Be Real

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7.  Funkadelic- One Nation Under a Groove

Buy One Nation Under a Groove – Essential Soul Anthems

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8.  The Clash- White Man in Hammersmith Palais

Buy (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais – The Clash – The Singles

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9.  The Patti Smith Group- Rock N’ Roll N**ger

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10.  The Police- Truth Hits Everybody

Buy Truth Hits Everybody – Outlandos d’Amour (Remastered)

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11.  The Cars- Just What I Needed

Buy Just What I Needed – The Cars

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12.  Squeeze- Goodbye Girl  (*1978 Release in U.K./1979 U.S.)

Buy Goodbye Girl – Singles 45’s and Under

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13.  Blondie- Just Go Away

Buy Just Go Away – Parallel Lines

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14.  The Rolling Stones- Beast of Burden

Buy Beast of Burden – Some Girls (Remastered)

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15.  Big Star- Thank You Friends

Buy Thank You Friends – Third – Sister Lovers

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16.  Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band- Candy’s Room

Buy Candy’s Room (Remastered) – Darkness On the Edge of Town (Remastered)

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17.  The Buzzcocks- What Do I Get?

Buy What Do I Get? – Singles Going Steady

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18.  Pere Ubu- Non-Alignment Pact

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19.  X-Ray Spex- The Day the World Turned to Day-Glo

Buy The Day the World Turned Day-Glo – X-Ray Spex: The Anthology

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20.  Warren Zevon- Lawyers, Guns & Money

Buy Lawyers, Guns and Money – Excitable Boy (Remastered)

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21.  Tom Waits- Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis

Buy Christmas Card from a Hooker In Minneapolis – Blue Valentine

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Mixes By Year: Best of 1978 Volume 2

Best of 1978 Volume 2 (11/20/02)

1.  Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band- Badlands

Buy Badlands (Remastered) – The Promise: The Darkness On the Edge of Town Story

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2.  The Jam- Down in the Tube Station at Midnight

Buy Down in the Tube Station at Midnight – All Mod Cons (Remastered)

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3.  The Rolling Stones- Shattered

Buy Shattered – Some Girls (Remastered)

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4.  The Who- Who Are You

Buy Who Are You – Who Are You (Remastered)

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5.  Van Halen- Atomic Punk

Buy Atomic Punk – Van Halen

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6.  Liliput [formerly Kleenex]- Ain’t You

Buy Ain’t You – Kleenex/Liliput

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7.  The Germs- Lexicon Devil

Buy Lexicon Devil – M.I.A.: The Complete Germs

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8.  X-Ray Spex- Let’s Submerge

Buy Let’s Submerge – X-Ray Spex: The Anthology

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9.  Blondie- Hanging On the Telephone

Buy Hanging on the Telephone – Parallel Lines

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10.  The Buzzcocks- Ever Fallen in Love?

Buy Ever Fallen in Love? – Singles Going Steady

Buy Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve)? (1996 Digital Remaster)Amazon

11.  Johnny Thunders- You Can’t Out Your Arms Around a Memory

Buy You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory (from Bringing Out The Dead) – Music From Martin Scorsese Films

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12.  Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers- Listen to Her Heart

Buy Listen to Her Heart – You’re Gonna Get It

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13.  The Talking Heads- Take Me to the River

Buy Take Me to the River – More Songs About Buildings and Food (Remastered)

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14.  Funkadelic- Who Says a Funk Band Can’t Play Rock?

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15.  Pere Ubu- Navvy

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16.  Devo- Jocko Homo

Buy Jocko Homo – Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! (Deluxe Version) [Remastered]

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17.  Elvis Costello & the Attractions- The Beat

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18.  The Clash- Tommy Gun

Buy Tommy Gun – Give ‘Em Enough Rope

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19.  The Cars- Moving in Stereo

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20.  Dire Straits- Sultans of Swing

Buy Sultans of Swing – Dire Straits

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Mixes By Year: Best of 1978 Volume 3

Best of 1978 Volume 3 (3/27/04)

1.  Ian Dury & the Blockheads- Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick

Buy Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick – Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick – EP

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2.  The Undertones- Teenage Kicks

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3.  Elvis Costello & the Attractions- Pump It Up

Buy Pump It Up – This Year’s Model

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4.  Stiff Little Fingers- Alternative Ulster

Buy Alternative Ulster – Inflammable Material

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5.  Blondie- One Way or Another

Buy One Way Or Another – Parallel Lines

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6.  Siouxsie & the Banshees- Hong Kong Garden

Buy Hong Kong Garden – The Best of Siouxsie and The Banshees

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7.  Kate Bush- Wuthering Heights

Buy Wuthering Heights – The Kick Inside

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8.  The Jam- English Rose

Buy English Rose – All Mod Cons (Remastered)

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9.  Bob Marley & the Wailers- Is This Love

Buy Is This Love – Kaya

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10.  The Police- So Lonely

Buy So Lonely – Outlandos d’Amour (Remastered)

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11.  Pere Ubu- I Will Wait

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12.  Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band- Tropical Hot Dog Night

Buy Tropical Hot Dog – Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)

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13.  Bi Star- Jesus Christ

Buy Jesus Christ – Third – Sister Lovers

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14.  Joy Division- Leaders of Men

Buy Leaders of Men – Joy Division +- Singles 1978-80 (Remastered)

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15.  The Clash- Stay Free

Buy Stay Free – Give ‘Em Enough Rope

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16.  Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band- Prove It All Night

Buy Prove It All Night (Remastered) – Darkness On the Edge of Town (Remastered)

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17.  The Buzzcocks- Love You More

Buy Love You More – Singles Going Steady

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18.  The Cars- Bye Bye Love

Buy Bye Bye Love – The Cars

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19.  Cheap Trick- Auf Wiedersehen

Buy Auf Wiedersehen – Cheap Trick / In Color / Heaven Tonight

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20.  Gerry Rafferty- Baker Street

Buy Baker Street – City to City

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21.  The Talking Heads- The Big Country

Buy The Big Country – More Songs About Buildings and Food (Remastered)

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22.  Devo (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

Buy (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!

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Mixes By Year: Best of 1978 Volume 4

Best of 1978 Volume 4 (3/28/04)

1.  The Clash- Safe European Home

Buy Safe European Home – Give ‘Em Enough Rope

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2.  The Ramones- I Just Want to Have Something to Do

Buy I Just Want to Have Something to Do – Road to Ruin (Deluxe Version)

Buy I Just Want To Have Something To Do (Remastered Version )Amazon


3.  The Normal- Warm Leatherette


4.  Kraftwerk- The Robots

Buy The Robots – The Man Machine (Remastered)

Buy The Robots (2009 Digital Remaster) Amazon


5.  Devo- Mongoloid

Buy Mongoloid – Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! (Deluxe Version) [Remastered]

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6.  The Fall- Bingo Master’s Breakout

Buy Bingo Master’s Break-Out (From Step Forward 7″, August 1978) [Bonus Track] – Live At the Witch Trials (Expanded Edition)

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7.  The Only Ones- Another Girl, Another Planet

Buy Another Girl Another Planet – Punk Archives – 25 Punk Singles (Collection)

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8.  The Rolling Stones- Some Girls

Buy Some Girls – Some Girls (Remastered)

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9.  Tom Waits- Romeo Is Bleeding

Buy Romeo Is Bleeding – Blue Valentine

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10.  Billy Joel- Bog Shot

Buy Big Shot – 52nd Street

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11.  Magazine- Shot By Both Sides

Buy Shot By Both Sides – Real Life (2007 Digital Remaster)

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12.  999- Homicide

Buy Homicide – English Wipeout

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13.  The Jam- ‘A’ Bomb in Wardour Street

Buy “A” Bomb in Wardour Street – All Mod Cons (Remastered)

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14.  The Weirdos- We Got the Neutron Bomb

Buy We Got the Neutron Bomb – We Got the Neutron Bomb

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15.  Blondie- Fade Away and Radiate

Buy Fade Away and Radiate – Parallel Lines

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16.  Gerry Rafferty- Right Down the Line

Buy Right Down the Line – City to City

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17.  Bob Marley & the Wailers- Easy Skanking

Buy Easy Skanking – Kaya

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18.  Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band- The Promised Land

Buy The Promised Land (Remastered) – The Promise: The Darkness On the Edge of Town Story

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19.  Elvis Costello & the Attractions- (I Don’t Want to) Go to Chelsea

Buy (I Don’t Want to Go To) Chelsea – This Year’s Model

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20.  Donna Summer- Last Dance

Buy Last Dance – On the Radio – Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 & 2

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Mixes By Year: Best of 1978 Volume 5

Best of 1978 Volume 5 (5/5/07)

1. Van Halen- Runnin’ with the Devil

Buy Runnin’ with the Devil – Van Halen

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2.  AC/DC- Sin City

*Track not available via iTunes or Amazon

3.  The Cars- Good Times Roll

Buy Good Times Roll – The Cars

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4.  Kraftwerk- The Model

Buy The Model – The Man Machine (Remastered)

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5.  Blondie- Heart of Glass

Buy Heart of Glass – Parallel Lines

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6. Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band- The Gigolo And I

7.  Prince- Soft and Wet

Buy Soft and Wet – The Hits / The B-Sides

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8.  Parliament- Aquaboogie (Psychoalphadiscobetabigaquadaloop)

Buy Aqua Boogie (A Psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadoloop) – Motor-Booty Affair

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9. Pere Ubu- On The Surface


10.  The Fall- It’s a New Thing

Buy It’s the New Thing (From Step Forward 7″, November 1978) [Bonus Track] – Live At the Witch Trials (Expanded Edition)

Buy It’s The New Thing!Amazon


11.  The Clash- English Civil War

Buy Give ‘Em Enough Rope – The Clash

Buy English Civil WarAmazon


12.  X- We’re Desperate (Single Version)

Buy We’re Desperate – Wild Gift

Buy We’re Desperate (LP Version) [Explicit]Amazon

(These are the later version of “We’re Desperate included on 1981’s “Wild Gift”)

13.  Sham 69- Borstal Breakout

Buy Borstal Breakout – If the Kids Are United: The Best Of

Buy Borstal BreakoutAmazon


14.  The Buzzcocks- Autonomy

Buy Autonomy – Singles Going Steady

Buy Autonomy (1996 Digital Remaster)Amazon


15.  The Police- Can’t Stand Losing You

Buy Can’t Stand Losing You – Outlandos d’Amour (Remastered)

Buy Can’t Stand Losing YouAmazon


16.  Elvis Costello & the Attractions- No Action

Buy No Action – This Year’s Model

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17.  The Rolling Stones- Miss You

Buy Miss You – Some Girls (Remastered)

Buy Miss YouAmazon


18.  Kate Bush- Oh To Be In Love

Buy Oh to Be in Love – The Kick Inside

Buy Oh To Be In LoveAmazon


19.  Big Star- Kanga-Roo

Buy Kangaroo – Third – Sister Lovers Buy Kanga Roo

20.  Wire- Outdoor Miner (Long Version)

Buy Outdoor Miner – Chairs Missing (Remastered)

Buy Outdoor Miner (2006 Digital Remaster)Amazon


21.  Siouxsie & the Banshees- Mirage

Buy Mirage – The Scream

Buy MirageAmazon


22.  Steely Dan- FM

Buy FM – A Decade of Steely Dan (Remastered)

Buy FMAmazon

Mixes By Year: Best of 1978 Volume 6

Best of 1978 Volume 6 (5/6/07)

1.  Van Halen- Eruption/You Really Got Me

Buy Eruption – Van Halen You Really Got Me – Van Halen

Buy Eruption You Really Got MeAmazon

2.  The Rezillos- Top of the Pops

Buy Top of the Pops – Can’t Stand the Rezillos – The (Almost) Complete Rezillos

Buy Top Of The PopsAmazon


3.  Subway Sect- Ambition

Buy Ambition – Twenty Odd Years

Buy AmbitionAmazon


4.  Public Image Limited- Public Image

*Track not available via iTunes

Buy Public ImageAmazon

5. Blondie- (I’m Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear


6.  X-Ray Spex- Identity

Buy Identity – X-Ray Spex: The Anthology

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7.  Nick Lowe- (I Love the Sound of) Breaking Glass

Buy I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass – Jesus of Cool

Buy I Love The Sound Of Breaking GlassAmazon


8.  NRBQ- It Comes to Me Naturally

Buy It Comes to Me Naturelly – NRBQ at Yankee Stadium

*Track not available via Amazon

9.  Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band- Still the Same

*Track not available via iTunes or Amazon

10.  The Talking Heads- I’m Not in Love

Buy I’m Not In Love – More Songs About Buildings and Food (Remastered)

Buy I’m Not In Love (2005 Remastered LP Version )Amazon


11.  Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers- I Need to Know

Buy I Need to Know – You’re Gonna Get It

Buy I Need To Know (Album Version)Amazon


12.  Marvin Gaye- When Did I Stop Loving You, When Did You Stop Loving Me

Buy When Did You Stop Loving Me, When Did I Stop Loving You – Here, My Dear

Buy When Did You Stop Loving Me, When Did I Stop Loving YouAmazon


13.  Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band- Darkness On the Edge of Town

Buy Darkness On the Edge of Town (Remastered) – Darkness On the Edge of Town (Remastered)

Buy Darkness On The Edge Of Town (2010 Remastered Version)Amazon


14.  Big Star- Stroke It Noel

Buy Stroke It Noel – Third – Sister Lovers

Buy Stroke It Noel (Album Version)Amazon


15.  Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band- Floppy Boot Stomp

Buy The Floppy Boot Stomp – Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)

Buy The Floppy Boot StompAmazon


16.  Willie Nelson- Blue Skies

Buy Blue Skies – Stardust

Buy Blue SkiesAmazon


17.  Earth Wind & Fire- September

Buy September – Earth, Wind & Fire: Greatest Hits

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18.  Frankie Valli- Grease

Buy Grease – Grease (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

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19.  Wire- Sand In My Joints

Buy Sand In My Joints – Chairs Missing (Remastered)

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20.  The Ramones- It’s  A Long Way Back

Buy It’s a Long Way Back – Road to Ruin (Deluxe Version)

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21.  Joy Division- Warsaw

Buy Warsaw – Joy Division +- Singles 1978-80 (Remastered)

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22.  The Buzzcocks- Promises

Buy Promises (1996 Remaster) – Love Bites (Special Edition)

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23.  The Patti Smith Group- Easter

Buy Easter – Easter

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Mixes By Year: Best of 1978 Volume 7

Best of 1978 Volume 7 (7/16/11)

1.  Radio Birdman- Aloha Steve & Danno

Buy Aloha Steve and Danno – The Essential Radio Birdman (1974-1978)

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2.  The Mekons- Where Were You?

Buy Where Were You? – Where Were You? Hen’s Teeth and Other Lost Fragments of Unpopular Culture, Vol.2

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3.  Black Flag- Wasted

Buy Wasted – Nervous Breakdown – EP

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4.  The Talking Heads- Warning Sign

Buy Warning Sign – More Songs About Buildings and Food (Remastered)

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5.  Devo- Uncontrollable Urge

Buy Uncontrollable Urge – Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! (Deluxe Version) [Remastered]

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6.  Giorgo Moroder- The Chase

Buy Chase – Midnight Express (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

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7.  A Taste Of Honey- Boogie Oogie Oogie

Buy Boogie Oogie Oogie – Classic Masters: A Taste of Honey (Remastered)

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8.  Chic- I Want Your Love

Buy I Want Your Love – C’est Chic

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9.  Marvin Gaye- Is That Enough

Buy Is That Enough – Here, My Dear

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10.  Big Star- Holocaust

Buy Holocaust – Third – Sister Lovers

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11.  Kraftwerk- The Man Machine

Buy The Man Machine – The Man Machine (Remastered)

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12.  The Buzzcocks- I Don’t Mind

Buy I Don’t Mind (1996 Remaster) – Another Music In a Different Kitchen (Special Edition)

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13.  The Cars- You’re All I’ve Got Tonight

Buy You’re All I’ve Got Tonight – The Cars

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14.  Elvis Costello & the Attractions- This Year’s Girl

Buy This Year’s Girl – This Year’s Model (Deluxe Edition)

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15.  Blondie- Sunday Girl

Buy Sunday Girl – Parallel Lines

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16.  Patti Smith Group- Privilege (Set Me Free)

Buy Privilege (Set Me Free) – Easter

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17.  Wire- I Am the Fly

Buy I Am the Fly – Chairs Missing (Remastered)

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18.  Van Halen- Jamie’s Cryin’

Buy Jamie’s Cryin’ – Van Halen

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19.  The Jam- It’s Too Bad

Buy It’s Too Bad – All Mod Cons (Remastered)

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Mixes By Year: Best of 1978 Volume 8

Best of 1978 Volume 8 (7/16/11)

1.  The Police- Next to You

Buy Next to You – Outlandos d’Amour (Remastered)

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2.  Alternative TV- Action Time Vision

Buy Action Time Vision – Action Time & Vision – the Very Best of Mark Perry & Atv 1977-1999

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3.  The Buzzcocks- Fast Cars

Buy Fast Cars (1996 Remaster) – Another Music In a Different Kitchen (Special Edition)

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4.  Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band- Streets of Fire

Buy Streets of Fire (Remastered) – The Promise: The Darkness On the Edge of Town Story

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5.  Patti Smith Group- Because the Night

Buy Because the Night – Easter

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6.  Kate Bush- The Saxophone Song

Buy The Saxophone Song – The Kick Inside

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7.  Big Star- For You

Buy For You – Third – Sister Lovers

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8. Blondie- Denis


9.  The Talking Heads- The Girls Want to be with the Girls

Buy The Girls Want to Be With the Girls – More Songs About Buildings and Food (Remastered)

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10.  Dinosaur L- Kiss Me Again

*Original version not available via iTunes or Amazon

11.  Funkadelic- Groovalegience

*Track not available via iTunes or Amazon

12.  Pere Ubu- Street Waves

*Original version not available via iTunes or Amazon

13.  Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band- Owed T’Alex

Buy Owed T’ Alex – Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)

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14.  Joe Ely- Cornbread Moon

Buy Cornbread Moon – Honky Tonk Masquerade

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15.  Willie Nelson- Georgia On My Mind

Buy Georgia On My Mind – Stardust

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16.  Chris Bell- I Am the Cosmos

Buy I Am the Cosmos – I Am the Cosmos

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17.  Wire- Too Late

Buy Too Late – Chairs Missing (Remastered)

Buy Too Late (2006 Digital Remaster) Amazon


18.  Television Personalities- Part Time Punks

Buy Part Time Punks – Yes Darling, But Is It Art

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19.  Elvis Costello & the Attractions- Lipstick Vogue

Buy Lipstick Vogue – This Year’s Model (Deluxe Edition)

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