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Mixes By Year: 1989 Most Recommended Albums

1989- not the best or my favorite musical year of the 80’s, but damn good.  In fact you could put its top 5 albums up against the top 5 or any year in the last 25 years and it just might win:  Pixies “Doolittle”, Stone Roses “Stone Roses”, Beastie Boys “Paul’s Boutique”, Cure “Disintegration” & De La Soul “3 Feet High and Rising”.  That’s nothing to sneeze at- all 5 are stone cold classics.  After those five the great albums of 1989 thin out quickly but there is still plenty of great tracks and very good, if flawed, albums to explore. Half of ’89 took place during my junior year of high school and half in my senior year so it was a formative year for me to say the least.  My formerly closed metal (and classic rock) mind had opened up considerably.  I was listening to a ton of rap at the time and becoming increasingly interested in alternative music- then usually referred to in my parts as progressive music or college rock.  And I had opened back up my ears to pop music again after a few years of running as far as I could from it.

The late 80’s/early 90’s is often referred to as the golden age of rap, and though 1988 usually gets tagged as the peak year, ’89 doesn’t disappoint either.  Outside of the groundbreaking, genre expanding and flat-out revolutionary albums by De La Soul & the Beastie Boys, there was the outstanding Public Enemy single “Fight the Power” from the provocative and controversial Spike Lee film “Do the Right Thing”, the anti-PMRC screed “Freedom Of Speech” by Ice T, the ultra-smooth Big Daddy Kane’s second, and best, album “It’s A Big Daddy Thing” & the debut from one of the best early female rapper Queen Latifah, who would later go on to become a movie star as well as a musical star outside of the rap genre.  Important underground rapper like EPMD, Chill Rob G, the D.O.C., Jungle Brothers & Gang Starr also put out important, early releases.  Rap music was starting to see large crossover potential with huge pop rap hits by Young MC (Bust A Move), Tone Loc (Wild Thing & Funky Cold Medina) & Biz Markie (Just a Friend) blazing up the charts.  LL Cool J continued his run of hits with his third album “Walking With a Panther”, which was trashed a bit by the critics but still managed to generate some great songs.  Many of New York City’s gathered together to record and perform “Self-Destruction”, a plea to end black on black violence, which would be the antithesis of the nihilistic gangsta-rap just starting to bubble to the surface.  Miami’s 2 Live Crew released their most recognized album “As Nasty As They Wanna Be”, then the most profane rap music ever put on wax.  They even had a big crossover hit with a cleaned up version of “Me So Horny”.

Though it wouldn’t become a full on revolution for a few years the seeds of the alt-rock explosion were being planted in the late 80’s.  College rock bands like the Smithereens, Throwing Muses, Drivin’ N’ Cryin’, the Replacements, the Hoodoo Gurus & Dramarama had been toiling away for most of the decade building their following little by little.  All had hit songs in ’89- some were just college hits, but others like “A Girl Like You” by the Smithereens crossed over to the pop charts.  Massachusetts band the Pixies were one of the biggest of the bunch.  They had already amassed a following with the previous year’s “Surfer Rosa”, but “Doolittle”, in my opinion their very best album, took the band to another level.  They were hugely influential on a slew of 90’s band and would unfortunately break up in ’91 right as they were primed for stardom.  Though it wasn’t known as such at the time, Seattle’s grunge movement was also starting to bubble- Nirvana released their debut album “Bleach”, Soundgarden their breakthrough (at least on the college level) “Louder Than Love” and Mother Love Bone, which contained two future members of Pearl Jam, released their debut EP “Shine”, which contains their signature song “Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns”.  Los Angeles’s Red Hot Chili Peppers, long a fave with college kids released “Mother’s Milk”, by far their best selling record to date which garnered them MTV video hits and expanded their base to high school kids.  Faith No More combined rap, alternative music & metal on their 2nd album “The Real Thing”, which contained the huge hit “Epic”.  Though their popularity would fade with subsequent albums, “The Real Thing” is still a touchstone for the rap-metal/nu-metal scene of the late 90’s for better or for worse.  Other great, more obscure indie rock was being made in ’89 as well- Spacemen 3’s last album “Playing With Fire”, Galaxie 500’s 2nd and best album “On Fire”, and the great Mekons “Rock N’ Roll” were all standout albums that remain underheard but not under-loved.  NC’s Superchunk & the great 90’s band Pavement were releasing their debut singles.  Scotland’s Vaselines, a favorite of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, also released one of their two proper albums.  Last, but not least, Washington D.C.’s post-hardcore band Fugazi released the “Margin Walker” EP which would become half of the monumentally awesome “13 Songs” which came out the following year.  Fugazi would go on to become one of the best & most important indie bands of the 90’s.

Across the pond in the U.K., besides, “Disintegration” by the Cure, still their best record and the Stone Roses debut, which combined indie-rock music with house & rave culture, bands like Jesus & Mary Chain, the Cult & Morrissey all had hits in ’89.  The groundbreaking New Order, continued to evolve their sound, releasing “Technique”, possibly their most consistent album.  “Technique” was a move away from synth-pop & post-punk and toward full on House music.  Never had the band released anything so primed for the dance floor.  The lead singer of New Order, Bernard Sumner and Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr combined to form the band Electronic, who had a big hit in ’89 with “Getting Away With It”.  Soul II Soul combined House music and full-on R&B and hip hop- they had two huge hits in ’89 with “Back II Life” and “Keep On Movin'”.  Kevin Saunderson, one of the original Detroit Belleville Three (the originators of Techno music), under the guise of his band name Inner City released their debut album “Paradise” which contains two dance crossover hits “Big Fun” & “Good Life”.   In the American pop world both Madonna & Janet Jackson came out with blockbuster albums.  In both cases, each album “Like A Prayer” for the former and “Rhythm Nation” for the latter, became probably the most well-thought of albums of their entire careers up and including the present.  Both albums contained a slew of huge hits, some ballads and some primed for the dance floor.  Madonna & Janet dominated the late 80’s pop landscape.  The new industrial dance music sound was rising up in ’89 as well.  Nine Inch Nails released their debut “Pretty Hate Machine” and the much heavier Ministry released their best album “The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste”.  Both albums would become huge influences on the 90’s sound.

Another thing to note about 1989 is how well some of the boomer artists did that year.  Tom Petty released one of his most successful albums “Full Moon Fever” which contains a trip of his signature songs- “I Won’t Back Down”, “Runnin’ Down a Dream” and “Free Fallin'”.  Neil Young, released his best album in a decade with “Freedom”, including the hit “Rockin’ In the Free World”.  Elvis Costello released “Spike”, his most successful, if far from his best, non 70’s album.  The B-52’s, who had ben dormant since earlier in the decade had the greatest success of their career with “Cosmic Thing” & the hits “Roam” and wedding staple “Love Shack”.  Lou Reed, who had been hit and miss the whole decade came out with “New York” containing “Dirty Blvd.”, a great song on constant MTV-video rotation.  Bonnie Raitt, an L.A. singer-songwriter who had been releasing music since the early 70’s, finally got her big breakthrough with “Nick Of Time”, which swept the following year’s Grammys.  Great artists like XTC, Stevie Ray Vaughan & Bob Mould (late of Husker Du) continued to put out relevant, and sometimes great, music.  A handful of newer artists, recording in throwback styles had some success in 1989 as well.  The Indigo Girls released their excellent debut which was grounded in folk rock.  It would become a massive influence on the 90’s Lilith Fair scene (again for better or for worse).  50’s throwback Chris Isaak came out with the beautiful, sensual ballad “Wicked Game” which would become a huge hit in the early 90’s and the one of a kind Julee Cruise released her debut album “Floating Into the Night”.  Many of the songs on it would be heard in the television series “Twin Peaks”, perhaps my favorite TV show of all time.


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Mixes By Year: Best of 1989 Volume 1

Best of 1989 Volume 1 (11/11/02)

1.  Public Enemy- Fight the Power

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2.  The Beastie Boys- Shake Your Rump

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3.  Nine Inch Nails- Head Like a Hole

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4.  The Stone Roses- I Wanna Be Adored

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5.  The Jesus & Mary Chain- Head On

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6.  The Pixies- Debaser

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7.  Ministry- Burning Inside

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8.  Dramarama- Last Cigarette

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9.  Faith No More- From Out of Nowhere

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10.  Fugazi- Margin Walker

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11.  The Red Hot Chili Peppers- Knock Me Down

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12.  Ice T- Lethal Weapon

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13.  De La Soul- Tread Water

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14.  Lou Reed- Dirty Blvd.

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15.  The Cure- Fascination Street

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16.  Nirvana- About a Girl

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17.  Mother Love Bone- Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns

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Mixes By Year: Best of 1989 Volume 2

Best of 1989 Volume 2 (11/12/02)

1.  Neil Young- Rockin’ in the Free World

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2.  The Stone Roses- She Bangs the Drums

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3.  The D.O.C.- It’s Funky Enough

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4.  LL Cool J- Big Ole Butt

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5.  Madonna- Express Yourself

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6.  New Order- Fine Time

Buy Fine Time – Technique

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7.  The Cure- Pictures of You

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8.  Nine Inch Nails- Terrible Lie

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9.  Nirvana- Negative Creep

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10.  The Pixies- Gouge Away

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11.  The B-52’s- Roam

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12.  The Indigo Girls- Closer to Fine

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13.  The Jungle Brothers- Doin’ Our Own Dang

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14.  De La Soul- Me, Myself & I

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15.  The Beastie Boys- Hey Ladies!

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16.  Biz Markie- Just a Friend

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17. Fugazi- Burning Too Buy Burning Too – 13 Songs

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18.  Drivin’ N’ Cryin’- Straight to Hell

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Mixes By Year: Best of 1989 Volume 3

Best of 1989 Volume 3 (7/21/04)

1.  The Red Hot Chili Peppers- Good Time Boys

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2.  The Replacements- I’ll Be You

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3.  The Stone Roses- Elephant Stone

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4.  New Order- Vanishing Point

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5.  De La Soul- Say No Go

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6.  Soul II Soul- Keep On Movin’

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7.  Queen Latifah (Feat. Monie Love)- Ladies First

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8.  The Pixies- I Bleed

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9.  Soundgarden- Hands All Over

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10.  Fugazi- Provisional

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11.  The Beastie Boys- Car Thief

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12.  Big Daddy Kane- Smooth Operator

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13.  Nine Inch Nails- Kinda I Want To

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14.  The Cure- Lullaby

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15.  Galaxie 500- Blue Thunder

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16.  Bonnie Raitt- Thing Called Love

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17.  The Mekons- Club Mekon

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18.  XTC- The Mayor of Simpleton

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19.  Jonathan Richman- Fender Stratcastor

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Mixes By Year: Best of 1989 Volume 4

Best of 1989 Volume 4 (7/22/04)

1.  Lou Reed- Romeo Had Juliet

Buy Romeo Had Juliette – New York

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2.  Morrissey- The Last of the Famous International Playboys

Buy The Last of the Famous International Playboys – Bona Drag

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3.  Throwing Muses- Dizzy

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4.  Nirvana- Love Buzz

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5.  The Pixies- Wave of Mutilation

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6.  Neil Young- Too Far Gone

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7.  Galaxie 500- Snowstorm

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8.  Madonna- Like a Prayer

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9.  The Lightning Seeds- Pure

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10.  The Stone Roses- I Am the Resurrection

Buy I Am the Resurrection (Remastered) – The Stone Roses (Remastered)

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11.  The Mekons- Empire of the Senseless

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12.  The Beastie Boys- Shadrach

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13.  Neneh Cherry- Buffalo Stance

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14.  Janet Jackson- Miss You Much

Buy Miss You Much – Rhythm Nation 1814

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15.  Drivin’ N’ Cryin’- House for Sale

Buy House for Sale – Mystery Road

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16.  De La Soul- Potholes In My Lawn

*Track not available via iTunes or Amazon

17.  Ice T- You Played Yourself

Buy You Played Yourself – The Iceberg / Freedom of Speech… Just Watch What You Say

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18.  Elvis Costello- Deep Dark Truthful Mirror

Buy Deep Dark Truthful Mirror – Spike

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19.  The Cure- Last Dance

Buy Last Dance – Disintegration (Remastered)

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Mixes By Year: Best of 1989 Volume 5

Best of 1989 Volume 5 (3/15/08)

1.  Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers- Free Fallin’

Buy Free Fallin’ – Full Moon Fever

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2.  Faith No More- Epic

Buy Epic – The Real Thing

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3.  Spacemen 3- Revolution

Buy Revolution – Playing With Fire (Single Disc Version)

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4.  Superchunk- My Noise

Buy My Noise – Tossing Seeds (Singles 89-91)

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5.  Pavement- Box Elder

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6.  The Vaselines- Teenage Superstars

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7.  Love & Rockets- So Alive

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8.  Soul II Soul- Back II Life (However Do You Want Me)

Buy Back to Life (However Do You Want Me) – Club Classics Vol. One: 10th Anniversary Edition

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9.  Biz Markie- Spring Again

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10.  Young MC- Bust a Move

Buy Bust a Move – Stone Cold Rhymin’

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11.  Gang Starr- Words I Manifest

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12.  EPMD- So Watcha Sayin’

Buy So Wat Cha Sayin’ – Unfinished Business

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13.  De La Soul (Feat. The Jungle Brothers, Q-Tip, Queen Latifah & Monie Love)- Buddy (Native Tongues Remix)

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14.  Tone Loc- Wild Thing

Buy Wild Thing – Lōc-ed After Dark

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15.  The Beastie Boys- The Sounds of Science

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16.  The Stone Roses- Waterfall

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17.  The Cure- Love Song

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18.  The Pixies- Monkey Gone to Heaven

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19.  The Pogues- White City

Buy White City – Peace & Love [Expanded]

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Mixes By Year: Best of 1989 Volume 6

Best of 1989 Volume 6 (3/15/08)

1.  The Cult- Sun King

Buy Sun King – Sonic Temple (Remastered)

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2.  The Mekons- Memphis, Egypt

Buy Memphis Egypt – Heaven & Hell

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3.  Drivin’ N’ Cryin’- Honeysuckle Blue

Buy Honeysuckle Blue – Mystery Road

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4.  Bob Mould- See A Little Light

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5.  The Stone Roses- Fool’s Gold

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6.  Inner City- Big Fun

Buy Big Fun (Radio Edit) – Big Fun (Remixes)

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7.  Jacket Jackson- Rhythm Nation

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8.  Big Daddy Kane- Young, Gifted & Black

Buy Young, Gifted and Black – It’s a Big Daddy Thing

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9.  Tone Loc- Funky Cold Medina

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10.  The B-52’s- Love Shack

Buy Love Shack – Cosmic Thing

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11.  The Pixies- Here Comes Your Man

Buy Here Comes Your Man – Doolittle

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12.  The Beastie Boys- Egg Man

Buy Egg Man – Paul’s Boutique (20th Anniversary Remastered Edition)

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13.  LL Cool J- I’m the Type of Guy

Buy I’m That Type of Guy – Walking with a Panther

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14.  De La Soul- Eye Know

*Track not available on iTunes


15.  Julee Cruise- Falling

Buy Falling – Floating Into the Night

Buy Falling (Album Version)Amazon

16.  Guns N’ Roses- Patience              *On “Lies EP” released 11/88, but single released 5/89

Buy Patience – Guns N’ Roses: Greatest Hits

Buy Patience Amazon

Mixes By Year: Best of 1989 Volume 7

Best of 1989 Volume 7 (3/19/12)

1.  The Cure- Plainsong

Buy Plainsong – Disintegration (Remastered)

Buy Plainsong Amazon

2.  Spacemen 3- Lord Can You Hear Me

Buy Lord Can You Hear Me? – Playing With Fire (Single Disc Version)

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3.  Julee Cruise- Floating

Buy Floating – Floating Into the Night

Buy Floating (Album Version)Amazon

4.  Galaxie 500- When Will You Come Home

Buy When Will You Come Home – On Fire

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5.  New Order- Guilty Partner

Buy Guilty Partner – Technique

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6.  Ministry- Thieves

Buy Thieves – The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste

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7.  Electronic- Getting Away With It

Buy Getting Away With It – Electronic

Buy Getting Away With It (Album Version)Amazon

8.  Another Sunny Day- You Should All Be Murdered

Buy You Should All Be Murdered – Air Balloon Road

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9.  The Beastie Boys- Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun

Buy Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun – Paul’s Boutique (20th Anniversary Remastered Edition)

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10.  The Red Hot Chili Peppers- Taste the Pain

Buy Taste the Pain – Mother’s Milk

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11.  Stop the Violence Movement- Self-Destruction

*Track not available via iTunes


12.  Chill Rob G- Let the Words Flow

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13.  The Pixies- No. 13 Baby

Buy No. 13 Baby – Doolittle

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14.  De La Soul- Jenifa Taught Me (Derwin’s Revenge)

*Track not available via iTunes

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15.  The Stone Roses- Made of Stone

Buy Made of Stone (Remastered) – The Stone Roses (Remastered)

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16.  Neil Young- No More

Buy No More – Freedom

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Mixes By Year: Best of 1989 Volume 8

Best of 1989 Volume 8 (3/19/12)

1.  The Smithereens- A Girl Like You

Buy A Girl Like You – 11

Buy A Girl Like YouAmazon

2.  The Cynics- Baby What’s Wrong

Buy Baby What’s Wrong – Rock & Roll (Remastered)

Buy Baby What’s Wrong Amazon

3.  Neil Young- Don’t Cty

Buy Don’t Cry – Freedom

Buy Don’t CryAmazon

4.  Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers- Runnin’ Down a Dream

Buy Runnin’ Down a Dream – Full Moon Fever

Buy Runnin’ Down A DreamAmazon

5.  The Red Hot Chili Peppers- Johnny Kick a Hole in the Sky

Buy Johnny, Kick a Hole In the Sky – Mother’s Milk

Buy Johnny, Kick A Hole In The Sky (2003 Digital Remaster) [Explicit]Amazon

6.  Faith No More- Falling to Pieces

Buy Falling to Pieces – The Real Thing

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7.  The Pixies- Tame

Buy Tame – Doolittle

Buy TameAmazon

8.  Fugazi- And the Same

Buy And the Same – 13 Songs

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9.  The Mekons- Echo

*Track not available on iTunes or Amazon

10.  Stevie Ray Vaughan- Tightrope

Buy Tightrope – In Step (Bonus Track Version)

Buy Tightrope Amazon

11.  The Beastie Boys- High Plains Drifter

Buy High Plains Drifter – Paul’s Boutique

Buy High Plains Drifter (2009 Digital Remaster) [Explicit]Amazon

12.  De La Soul- Change in Speak

*Track not available on iTunes or Amazon

13.  Jungle Brothers- Black Woman

Buy Black Woman – Done By the Forces of Nature

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14.  Janet Jackson- Alright

Buy Alright – Rhythm Nation 1814

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15.  EPMD- Please Listen to My Demo

Buy Please Listen To My Demo – Unfinished Business

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16.  Inner City- Good Life

Buy Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin’ – Good Life – The Best of Inner City

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17.  Soul II Soul- Holdin’ On (Bambelala)

Buy Holdin’ On (Bambelala) – Keep On Movin’

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18.  Nine Inch Nails- Sin

Buy Sin – Pretty Hate Machine (2010 Remaster)

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19.  Chris Isaak- Wicked Game

Buy Wicked Game – Heart Shaped World

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Mixes By Year: Best of 1989 Volume 9

  1. Lenny Kravitz- Let Love Rule
  2. Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble- Crossfire
  3. The Replacements- Talent Show
  4. The Wedding Present- Brassneck
  5. New Order- Run
  6. Frankie Knuckles- Tears
  7. Galaxie 500- Isn’t It A Pity
  8. The Cure- Closedown
  9. Nine Inch Nails- Something I Can Never Have
  10. Julee Cruise- Rockin’ Back Inside My Heart
  11. Tears For Fears- Sowing The Seeds Of Love (Single Edit)
  12. Janet Jackson- Love Will Never Do (Without You)
  13. De La Soul- The Magic Number
  14. Jungle Brothers- Promo No. 2 (Mind Review ’89)
  15. Gang Starr- DJ Premier In Deep Concentration
  16. 808 State- Pacific State