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’02 was a crazy year in American history. Still reeling from 9/11 the country banded together for a short while rallying around our president and our flag only to find our leaders take advantage of the good will patriotism and go to war under false pretenses. ’02 was my first full year as a married man and my last full year living in NYC. My wife and I were in Williamsburg, Brooklyn during perhaps the peak of its music scene. Things were hectic as my wife was teaching at a failing school and getting her masters degree at the same time while the music industry seemed to be collapsing due to their inability to deal with the rise of Napster. This was pre Apple store & pre-ipod. It was the “wild west.” Though music still sold in huge numbers, no one seemed to know what would happen next.

Strictly from an artistic standpoint ’02 was a helluva year with boatloads of great indie-rock and rap releases, along with the beginnings of a sea change in both pop and dance music. Some years are filled with tons of great tunes and even albums, but lack more than 1 or 2 stone cold classic albums. ’02 had both. Wilco’s “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot”, Interpol’s “Turn On The Bright Lights”, Flaming Lips “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots” and perhaps Sleater-Kinney’s “One Beat” and The Trail Of Dead’s “Source Tags & Codes” are worthy of the classic billing and there were plenty more very good to great albums as well. Each of those five albums in its own way captured the confusion, anger, heartbreak and post-millennium tension of the time.

Anyone who lived in New York City in the late 90’s pretty much agrees that the rock scene in the city was all but dead or very stale at the very least. Artists were being driven out of the Village in droves due to skyrocketing rent. Many of those artists wound up in the outer boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. Williamsburg, Brooklyn was just a 5 minute subway ride from the East Village and though several of its main streets off of the first stop of the L train were very quaint and pricey in their own right, the majority of the rather large neighborhood was made up of no longer in use industrial spaces where artists could live on the cheap in large loft spaces. I had moved to the neighborhood in ’97 and saw the number of venue spaces probably at least quintuple between ’97 and ’02. The breakout of the Strokes in late 2001 led to the somewhat over-hyped “return to rock” movement. Williamsburg was thought of as the major hub even though the vast majority of rock music’s best bands in ’02 did not reside there. The scene was already flourishing but it was mostly due to D.I.Y. dance groups like LCD Soundsystem and Fischerspooner than any rock bands making a major dent outside of their own insulated scene. But the seeds were sewn and Williamsburg would remain a cultural force for much of the decade to come. Some great indie-rock that did come out of non-Williamsburg NYC in ’02 was the aforementioned Interpol, whose debut album “Turn On The Bright Lights” remains their best record. The dance/art punk Liars released their debut album (actually released with minor distribution in late ’01) “They Threw Us In A Trench And Stuck A Mountain On Top”. The Walkmen, formed from the ashes of the once heavily hyped Jonathan Fireater also released their very strong debut “Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone”. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs also released their first EP’s. They would go on to become one of the most important and loved groups of the scene and actually were a Williamsburg band- however briefly. And several other lesser NYC bands enjoyed a brief moment in the sun, releasing at least one or two great singles like The Mooney Suzuki, Radio 4 & the French Kicks.

Though New York City got much of the hype there were great rock scenes and bands popping up all over the place. The aforementioned Sleater-Kinney and theatrical folk-rockers the Decemberists represented Portland, Oregon. And You Know Us By The Trail Of Dead and the great Spoon held it down for the liberal oasis of Austin, Texas. The Montreal collective Broken Social Scene released their great debut “You Forgot It In People”. Montreal was another strong music scene. Some other great American groups were not as much part of a scene. The Oklahoma institution the Flaming Lips enjoyed perhaps the peak of their popularity with the “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots” album. Queens Of the Stone Age”, residing in the California desert, released their breakthrough album “Songs Of the Deaf”. Some great bands were finally emerging across the pond in England besides Radiohead. The romantic but ramshackle punkish band the Libertines came out with their excellent debut “Up The Bracket”. The mellow, ready for radio Coldplay, soon to become one of the biggest rock bands in the world released their second and still best album “A Rush Of Blood To The Head”. Other English bands like Doves, The Coral, the Delgados & Supergrass kept the English rock scene diverse and interesting.

If the year seemed to be totally dominated by bands, there is usually a counterpunch to the zeitgeist. ’02 also saw the beginnings of a quiet folkie movement. At first it was very underground, led by artists like Devendra Banhart, but it became a bigger cultural force by mid-decade. ’02 saw the release of the great Iron & Wine’s debut album “The Creek Drank The Cradle” along with North Carolina “band” the Mountain Goats breakthrough album “Tallahassee”. Both bands were really vehicles of one person- Sam Beam and John Darnielle respectively. Though Darnielle had been releasing albums under the MG’s since the mid-nineties “Tallahassee” was his first to make a major cultural dent and both artists would continue to grow in stature throughout the oughts. Though not strictly falling into the folkie category per se, some other great solo records of ’02 include “Sea Change” by Beck, a lovelorn mellow album seemingly the antithesis of all of the music he has released previously, “Blacklisted” a country-tinged album by New Pornophrapher’s star Neko Case and “Lifted or the Story Is In The Soil, Keep Your Ear To The Ground” by the ambitious if a bit precocious Omaha native Bright Eyes (real name: Conor Oberst). The biggest selling album of the year, and by a wide margin, was the pleasant but musically unambitious debut album “Come Away With Me” by Norah Jones. It caught lightning in a bottle, perfect as background or coffee shop music for aging baby boomers while appealing to her own mid 20’s age group as well. Other huge rock albums of ’02 were Bruce Springsteen’s answer to 9/11 “The Rising”, which was maybe his last album to really appeal to the masses and make a huge impact and “Home” by the Dixie Chicks- certainly a country album rather than a rock album and their last album released before pissing off many of their original fans by badmouthing President George W. Bush during a concert in England.

Though there were no monumental rap albums releases in 2002, outside of maybe the debut by white London rapper Mike Skinner with his great debut “Original Pirate Material” as The Streets, which has as much to do with U.K. garage music as it does with hip hop. West coast group Blackalicious made a great indie-rap album with “Blazing Arrow” and Philadelphia The Roots had a breakout hit with “The Seed 2.0” off of “Phrenology”. El-P, the head of NYC’s influential indie-rap label Def Jux released his debut solo album “Fantastic Damage”. Missy Elliott came out with one of the songs of the year with “Work It” off of her stellar “Under Construction” album. Though it was still a far cry from “Illmatic”, Nas’s “God’s Son” could definitely be called a comeback, featuring the awesome single “Made You Look”. Eminem was still a major force in rap. He starred in the feature film “8 Mile” more than loosely based on his own life. The cut “Lose Yourself” from the movie became a massive hit and probably remains his signature cut. In Harlem, Cam’ron had two huge crossover rap hits with “Hey Ma” and “Oh Boy”. Lil Jon’s “Get Low” was a massive single and proved very influential is moving the dirty south’s crunk scene more mainstream. Down in Virginia Beach, Va, along with Missy Elliott & Timbaland, the Neptunes (made up on Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo), became one of the best and biggest production teams in the business. They had already been running strong since the 90’s but by ’02 they seemed to had a hand in creating or producing an enormous amount of hits- just a few of them from ’02 include Snoop Dogg’s “Beautiful”, Nelly’s “Hot In Herre”, Jay’Z’s “Excuse Me Miss (La La), Beyonce’s “Work It Out” and Birdman’s “Whatever Happened To That Boy”. In addition they released their debut album “In Search Of” as N.E.R.D., produced the entire debut album “Grindin” of Va. Beach’s great rap duo Clipse & the majority of the hits off of former N’Sync member Justin Timberlake’s debut solo record “Justified”. Many of their great pop rap crossover hits would lead to a resurgence of awesome pop & R&B on the radio by mid-decade.


And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead_Source Tags & Codes












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The Streets_Original Pirate Material












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Neko Case_Blacklisted












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The Decemberists_Castaways & Cutouts











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The Mountain Goats_Tallahassee












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Iron & Wine_The Creek Drank the Cradle












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Beck_Sea Change











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Blackalicious_Blazing Arrow












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The Libertines_Up the Bracket












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Clipse_Lord Willin'












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Sleater-Kinney_One Beat












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Coldplay_A Rush A Blood To The Head













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El-P_Fantastic Damage












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Flaming Lips_Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots












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Interpol_Turn on the Bright Lights












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Broken Social Scene_You Forgot it in People












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McLusky_Do Dallas










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Mixes By Year: Best of 2002 Volume 1

Best of 2002 Volume 1 (5/5/03)

1.  The Streets- Has It Come To This?

Buy Has It Come To This?* Amazon

2.  Missy Elliott- Work It

Buy Work It Amazon

3.  Eminem- Without Me

Buy Without Me (Album Version) [Explicit] Amazon

4.  Beck- The Golden Age

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5.  And You Will Know Us By the Trail Of Dead- Another Morning Stoner

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6.  El-P- Deep Space 9mm

Buy Deep Space 9mm [Explicit]Amazon

7.  Coldplay- Clocks

Buy Clocks Amazon

8.  Interpol- Obstacle 1

Buy Obstacle 1 Amazon

9.  The Vines- Get Free

10.  Spoon- The Way We Get By

Buy The Way We Get By Amazon

11.  The Libertines- Up The Bracket

Buy Up The Bracket Amazon

12.  Sleater-Kinney- Light Rail Coyote

Buy Light Rail Coyote Amazon

13.  The Roots- The Seed 2.0

Buy The Seed (2.0) (Album Version (Explicit)) [feat. Cody Chestnutt] [Explicit] Amazon

14.  Blackalicious- 4000 Miles

Buy 4000 Miles [feat. Lateef The Truth Speaker] Amazon

15.  N.E.R.D.- Run To The Sun

Buy Run To The Sun Amazon

16.  Wilco- Jesus Etc…

Buy Jesus, etc. Amazon

17.  The Flaming Lips- Do You Realize?

Buy Do You Realize?? Amazon

18.  Queens Of The Stone Age- Go With The Flow

Buy Go With The Flow Amazon

19.  The French Kicks- 1985

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20.  Norah Jones- Don’t Know Why

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Mixes By Year: Best of 2002 Volume 2

Best of 2002 Volume 2 (5/8/03)

1.  Sleater-Kinney- Combat Rock

Buy Combat Rock Amazon


2.  The Flaming Lips- Fight Test

Buy Fight Test Amazon


3.  The Raveonettes- Attack Of The Ghost Riders

Buy Attack of the Ghost Riders (Album Version) Amazon


4.  Coldplay- A Rush Of Blood to The Head

Buy A Rush Of Blood To The Head Amazon


5.  Chemical Brothers- Star Guitar

Buy Star Guitar Amazon


6.  The Streets- Let’s Push Things Forward

Buy Let’s Push Things ForwardAmazon


7.  Nas- Made You Look

Buy Made You Look Amazon


8.  Blackalicious- Make You Feel That Way

Buy Make You Feel That Way Amazon


9.  Queens Of The Stone Age- No One Knows

Buy No One KnowsAmazon


10.  The Mooney Suzuki- Oh Sweet Susanna

Buy Oh Sweet Susanna (Album Version) Amazon


11.  Spoon- Jonathan Fisk

Buy Jonathan Fisk Amazon


12.  And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead- Relative Ways

Buy Relative Ways Amazon


13.  Bright Eyes- Waste Of Paint

Buy Waste Of Paint Amazon


14.  Wilco- Ashes Of American Flags

Buy Ashes of American Flags Amazon


15.  Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band- My City Of Ruins

Buy My City Of Ruins (Album Version) Amazon


16.  Interpol- NYC

Buy NYC Amazon


17.  Supergrass- Grace

Buy Grace Amazon


18.  The Libertines- What A Waster

BuyWhat A Waster Amazon

Mixes By Year: Best of 2002 Volume 3

Best of 2002 Volume 3 (10/15/05)

1.  And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead- It Was There That I Saw You

Buy It Was There That I Saw YouAmazon

2.  Spoon- Small Stakes

Buy Small Stakes Amazon

3.  The Flaming Lips- Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Part 1

Buy Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Part 1 Amazon

4.  Broken Social Scene- Cause=Time

Buy Cause = Time Amazon

5.  McLusky- To Hell With Good Intentions

Buy To Hell With Good IntentionsAmazon

6.  Hot Hot Heat- Bandages

Buy Bandages Amazon

7. Johnny Cash- The Man Comes Around

8.  Eminem- Lose Yourself

Buy Lose Yourself (Soundtrack Version (Explicit)) [Explicit] Amazon

9.  The Streets- Weak Become Heroes

Buy Weak Become Heroes Amazon

10.  Blackalicious (Feat. Gil Scot-Heron)- First In Flight

Buy First In Flight [feat. Gil Scott-Heron] Amazon

11.  Guided By Voices- Everywhere With Helicopters

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12.  Radio 4- Save Your City

Buy Save Your City Amazon

13.  The Libertines- Time For Heroes

Buy Time For Heroes Amazon

14.  Interpol- Obstacle 2

Buy Obstacle 2 Amazon

15.  LCD Soundsystem- Losing My Edge

Buy Losing My Edge Amazon

16.  Bright Eyes- Lover, I Don’t Have To Love

Buy Lover I Don’t Have To LoveAmazon

17.  Wilco- I Am Trying To Break Your Heart

Buy I am trying to break your heartAmazon

18.  Iron & Wine- Lion’s Mane

BuyLion’s Mane Amazon

Mixes By Year: Best of 2002 Volume 4

Best of 2002 Volume 4 (10/16/05)

1.  Clinic- Walking With Thee

Buy Walking With Thee (Album Version) Amazon

2.  The Coral- Shadows Falling

*Track not available via Amazon

3.  Doves- There Goes The Fear

Buy There Goes The Fear Amazon

4.  The Flaming Lips- Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell

Buy Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell Amazon

5.  The Streets- Don’t Mug Yourself

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6.  Red Hot Chili Peppers- Can’t Stop

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7.  Nas- Get Down

Buy Get Down [Explicit] Amazon

8.  Eminem- Square Dance

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9.  LCD Soundsystem- Beat Connection

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10. Sean Paul- Like Glue

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11.  Broken Social Scene- Almost Crimes (Radio Kills Remix)

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12.  Sleater-Kinney- Far Away

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14.  Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band- Lonesome Day

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13.  The Walkmen- We’ve Been Had

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15.  The Decemberists- I Dreampt I Was An Architect

Buy Here I Dreamt I Was an ArchitectAmazon

16.  Interpol- PDA

Buy PDA Amazon

17. Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster- Celebrate Your Mother

18.  McLusky- Lightsabre Cocksucking BLues

Buy Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues Amazon

19.  Hot Hot Heat- No, Not Now

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Mixes By Year: Best of 2002 Volume 5

Best of 2002 Volume 5 (3/7/09)

1.  Interpol- Untitled

Buy Untitled Amazon

2.  Clinic- Harmony

Buy Harmony (Album Version) Amazon

3.  Coldplay- The Scientist

Buy The Scientist Amazon

4.  Deerhoof- This Magnificent Bird Will Rise

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5.  Blackalicious- Sky Is Falling

Buy Sky Is Falling Amazon

6.  The Roots- Thought @ Work

Buy Thought @ Work (Album Version (Explicit)) [Explicit] Amazon

7.  The Streets- It’s Too Late

Buy It’s Too Late Amazon

8.  Justin Timberlake- Cry Me A River

Buy Cry Me A River Amazon

9.  Beck- Sunday Sun

Buy Sunday Sun Amazon

10.  The Decemberists- July! July!

Buy July, July! Amazon

11.  Iron & Wine- Southern Anthem

Buy Southern Anthem Amazon

12.  Wilco- Heavy Metal Drummer

Buy Heavy metal drummer Amazon

13.  The Libertines- Horrorshow

Buy Horror Show Amazon

14.  McLusky- Alan Is A Cowboy Killer

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15.  Clipse- Grindin’

Buy Grindin’ (Main) [Explicit] Amazon

16.  Cam’ron- Hey Ma

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17.  Eve- Satisfaction

Buy Satisfaction [Explicit] Amazon

18.  Nelly- Hot In Herre

19.  Broken Social Scene- Lover’s Spit’

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Mixes By Year: Best of 2002 Volume 6

Best of 2002 Volume 6 (3/8/09)

1.  Red Hot Chili Peppers- By The Way

Buy By The Way Amazon

2.  Nirvana- You Know You’re Right

Buy You Know You’re Right Amazon

3.  The Flaming Lips- Are You A Hypnotist?

Buy Are You A Hypnotist?? Amazon

4.  The Notwist- One With The Freaks

Buy One With the Freaks Amazon

5.  McLusky- Gareth Brown Says

Buy Gareth Brown Says Amazon

6.  Queens Of The Stone Age- First I Giveth

Buy First It Giveth Amazon

7.  Sonic Youth- The Empty Page

Buy The Empty Page (Album Version)Amazon

8.   The Mountain Goats- No Children

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9.  Wilco- Kamera

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10.  Bright Eyes- Method Acting

Buy Method Acting Amazon

11.  The Delgados- All You Need Is Hate

Buy All You Need Is Hate Amazon

12.  Doves- Words

Buy Words Amazon

13.  And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead- Source Tags & Codes

Buy Source Tags & Codes Amazon

14.  Talib Kweli- Get By

Buy Get By (Album Version (Explicit)) [Explicit] Amazon

15.  Clipse- Virginia

Buy Virginia [Explicit] Amazon

16.  Cam’ron- Oh Boy

BuyOh Boy (Album Version (Explicit)) [feat. Juelz Santana] [Explicit] Amazon

17. Tweet (Feat. Missy Elliott)- Oops (Oh My)

18.  Justin Timberlake- Rock Your Body

Buy Rock Your Body Amazon

19.  Sleater-Kinney- Funeral Song

Buy Funeral Song Amazon

20.  Iron & Wine- Weary Memory

Buy Weary Memory Amazon

21.  The Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Miles Away

 BuyMiles Away Amazon

Mixes By Year: Best of 2002 Volume 7

Best of 2002 Volume 7 (5/12/14)

1. Queens Of The Stone Age- You Think I Ain’t Worth A Dollar But I Feel Like A Millionaire

Buy You Think I Ain’t Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire Amazon

2.  Sleater-Kinney- Step Aside

Buy Step Aside Amazon

3.  Jay-Z- Excuse Me Miss (La La La)

Buy Excuse Me Miss (Album Version (Explicit)) Amazon

4.  Snoop Dogg (Feat. Pharrell & Uncle Charlie Wilson)- Beautiful

Buy Beautiful (Feat. Pharrell, Uncle Charlie Wilson) [Explicit] Amazon

5.  Spoon- All The Pretty Girls Go To The City

Buy All The Pretty Girls Go To The City Amazon

6.  The Libertines- Boys In The Band

Buy Boys In The Band Amazon

7.  Interpol- Say Hello To The Angels

Buy Say Hello to the AngelsAmazon

8.  Coldplay- God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

Buy God Put A Smile Upon Your Face Amazon

9.  Broken Social Scene- Stars And Sons

Buy Stars And Sons Amazon

10.  Lil Jon & The East Side Boys (Feat. Ying Yang Twins)- Get Low

Buy Get Low [Explicit] Amazon

11.  Clipse- Young Boy

Buy Young Boy [Explicit] Amazon

12.  El-P- Truancy

Buy Truancy [Explicit] Amazon

13. DJ Shadow- Six Days

14. Boards Of Canada- 1969

15.  Wilco- Poor places

Buy Poor places Amazon

16.  The Mountain Goats- The House That Dripped Blood

Buy The House That Dripped BloodAmazon

17.  Neko Case- Deep Red Bells

Buy Deep Red Bells Amazon

18.  Beck- Lost Cause

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Mixes By Year: Best of 2002 Volume 8

Best of 2002 Volume 8 (5/12/14)

1.  Sleater-Kinney- One Beat

Buy One Beat Amazon

2.  And You Will Know Us By the Trail Of Dead- Baudelaire

Buy Baudelaire Amazon

3.  The Moutain Goats- The Best Ever Death Metal Band From Denton

Buy The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton Amazon

4.  Wilco- I’m The Man Who Loves You

Buy I’m the man who loves youAmazon

5. The Foo Fighters- All My Life

6.  Spoon- Stay Don’t Go

Buy Stay Don’t Go Amazon

7.  Dixie Chicks- Long Time Gone

Buy Long Time Gone (Album Version) [Clean] Amazon

8.  Neko Case- I Wish I Was The Moon

Buy I Wish I Was the Moon Amazon

9.  Beck- Guess I’m Doing Fine

Buy Guess I’m Doing Fine Amazon

10.  The Decemberists- The Legionaire’s Lament

Buy The Legionnaire’s LamentAmazon

11.  Boards of Canada- Dawn Chorus

Buy Dawn Chorus Amazon

12.  Max Tundra- Labial

Buy Labial Amazon

13.  Missy Elliott (Feat. Ludacris)- Gossip Folks

Buy Gossip Folks (Explicit LP Version) [Explicit] Amazon

14.  Baby (AKA Birdman) (Feat. Clipse)- Whatever Happened To That Boy

Buy What Happened To That Boy (Album Version (Explicit)) [feat. Clipse] Amazon

15.  Justin Timberlake (Feat. Clipse)- Like I Love You

Buy Like I Love You Amazon

16.  Genius/GZA- Animal Planet

Buy Animal Planet (Album Version (Explicit)) [Explicit] Amazon

17.  Scarface- On My Block

Buy On My Block (Album Version (Explicit)) [Explicit] Amazon

18.  Johnny Cash- Hurt

Buy Hurt (Album Version) Amazon

19.  Iron & Wine- Bird Stealing Bread

BuyBird Stealing Bread Amazon