Mixes By Year: Best of 1970 Volume 9 (3/7/20)

  1. The Carpenters- We’ve Only Just Begun
  2. The Beach Boys- Our Sweet Love
  3. Cat Stevens- Wild World
  4. Curtis Mayfield- The Makings Of You
  5. James Brown- It’s A New Day (Parts 1 & 2)
  6. The Temptations- Psychedelic Shack
  7. The Lost Generation- The Sly, The Slick & The Wicked
  8. Spirit- Street Worm
  9. Santana- Hope You’re Feeling Better
  10. Led Zeppelin- Hey, Hey What Can I Do
  11. The Moody Blues- Question
  12. Black Sabbath- Electric Funeral
  13. The Velvet Underground- Oh! Sweet Nuthin’
  14. Traffic- Empty Pages
  15. Grateful Dead- Casey Jones
  16. George Harrison- Isn’t It A Pity
  17. Joni Mitchell- The Circle Game

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