Mixes By Year: Best of 1977 Volume 6

Best of 1977 Volume 6 (4/15/07)

1.  The Clash- 1977

Buy The Clash - Super Black Market Clash - 1977

2.  The Police- Fall Out

Buy The Police - The Police - Fall Out

3.  The Stranglers- No More Heroes

Buy The Stranglers - The UA Singles '77-'79 - No More Heroes

4. David Bowie- Speed Of Life

5.  The Ramones- Teenage Lobotomy

Buy The Ramones - Rocket to Russia (Expanded & Remastered) - Teenage Lobotomy

6. Radio Birdman- Do The Pop

7. The Rezillos- I Can’t Stand My Baby

8.  Fela Kuti & Africa ’70- Zombie

Buy Fela Kuti - Best of the Black President - Zombie

9.  The Congos- Congoman

Buy The Congos - Heart of the Congos - Congoman

10. Althea & Donna- Uptown Top Ranking

11.  Chic- Everybody Dance

Buy Chic - Chic - Everybody Dance (LP Version)

12. Evelyn “Champagne” King- Shame

13.  Odyssey- Native New Yorker

Buy Odyssey - Native New Yorker - EP - Native New Yorker

14.  The Talking Heads- Uh-Oh Love Comes to Town

Buy Talking Heads - Talking Heads 77 (Remastered) - Uh-Oh, Love Comes to Town

15.  Brian Eno- King’s Lead Hat

Buy Brian Eno - Before and after Science - King's Lead Hat

16.  Ian Dury & the Blockheads- My Old Man

Buy Ian Dury - New Boots and Panties (Deluxe Edition) - My Old Man

17.  Cheap Trick- Daddy Should Have Stayed in High School

Buy Cheap Trick - Cheap Trick (Remastered) - Daddy Should Have Stayed In High School

18.  Suicide- Ghost Rider

Buy Suicide - Suicide - Ghost Rider

19.  E.L.O.- Turn to Stone

Buy Electric Light Orchestra - Out of the Blue (30th Anniversary Edition) - Turn to Stone

20.  Fleetwood Mac- The Chain

Buy Fleetwood Mac - Rumours - The Chain

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