Mixes By Year: Best of 1979 Volume 2

Best of 1979 Volume 2 (10/1/02)

1. AC/DC- Highway To Hell

Buy Highway to Hell – Highway to Hell
*Not available via Amazon

2. Led Zeppelin- In the Evening

Buy In the Evening – In Through the Out Door (Remastered)
Buy In The Evening (2007 Remastered LP Version)Amazon

3. Neil Young & Crazyhorse- Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)

Buy My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue) – Rust Never Sleeps
Buy Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black) Amazon

4. The Clash- Clampdown

Buy Clampdown – London Calling
Buy Clampdown Amazon

5. Talking Heads- Life During Wartime

Buy Life During Wartime – Fear of Music (Remastered)
Buy Life During Wartime ( LP Version )Amazon

6. Elvis Costello & the Attractions- Oliver’s Army

Buy Oliver’s Army – Armed Forces
Buy Oliver’s Army (Album Version) Amazon

7. Squeeze- Up the Junction

Buy Up the Junction – Singles 45’s and Under
Buy Up The Junction Amazon

8. Blondie- Dreaming

Buy Dreaming – Eat to the Beat
Buy Dreaming (2001 – Remaster) Amazon

9. The Slits- Typical Girls

Buy Typical Girls – Cut
Buy Typical Girls Amazon

10. The Buzzcocks- Why Can’t I Touch It?

Buy Why Can’t I Touch It? – Singles Going Steady
Buy Why Can’t I Touch It? (2001 Digital Remaster) Amazon

11. The Specials- Nite Klub

Buy Nite Klub – The Specials
Buy Nite Klub (2002 Digital Remaster) (Feat. Rico)Amazon

12. David Bowie- D.J.

Buy D.J. – Lodger (Remastered)
Buy DJ (1999 Digital Remaster) Amazon

13. Sister Sledge- He’s the Greatest Dancer

Buy He’s the Greatest Dancer – We Are Family
Buy He’s The Greatest Dancer Amazon

14. Gang Of Four- At Home He’s a Tourist

Buy At Home He’s a Tourist – Entertainment! (Remastered)
Buy At Home He’s A Tourist (Remastered Album Version)Amazon

15. The B-52’s- 52 Girls

Buy 52 Girls – The B-52’s
Buy 52 Girls (Album Version) Amazon

16. Joy Division- She’s Lost Control

Buy She’s Lost Control – Unknown Pleasures (Remastered)
Buy She’s Lost Control [12-Inch Version]Amazon

17. Graham Parker & the Rumour- You Can’t Be Too Strong

Buy You Can’t Be Too Strong – Squeezing Out Sparks + Live Sparks (Remastered)
Buy You Can’t Be Too Strong (Digitally Remastered 1996)Amazon

18. Van Morrison- Bright Side of the Road

Buy Bright Side of the Road – Into the Music
Buy Bright Side Of The Road Amazon

19. Donna Summer- Dim All the Lights

Buy Dim All the Lights – Bad Girls (Deluxe Edition)
Buy Dim All The Lights (12″ Version)Amazon

20. Pink Floyd- Goodbye Blue Sky

BuyGoodbye Blue Sky – The Wall (Remastered)
BuyGoodbye Blue Sky (2011 – Remaster) Amazon

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