Mixes By Year: Best of 1982 Volume 8

Best of 1982 Volume 8 (4/9/11)

1.  Men At Work- Who Can It Be Now?

Buy Who Can It Be Now? – Business As Usual

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2.  The Clash- Should I Stay or Should I Go

Buy Should I Stay or Should I Go – Combat Rock

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3.  Iron Maiden- Run to the Hills

Buy Run to the Hills – The Number of the Beast

Buy Run To The Hills (Album Version)Amazon

4.  Lou Reed- Waves of Fear

Buy Waves of Fear – The Blue Mask

Buy Waves Of FearAmazon

5. Bauhaus- Third Uncle

Buy Third Uncle – The Sky’s Gone Out

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6.  The Cure- One Hundred Years

Buy One Hundred Years – Pornography

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7.  Flipper- Life

Buy Life (Generic) – Generic

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8.  The Descendents- Myage

Buy Myage – Milo Goes to College

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9.  Bad Brains- Attitide

Buy Attitude – Bad Brains

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10.  The Fall- Hip Priest

Buy Hip Priest – Hex Enduction Hour (Deluxe Edition)

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11.  Mission Of Burma- Secrets

Buy Secrets – Vs. (Remastered) [Bonus Track Version]

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12.  X- Under the Big Black Sun

Buy Under the Big Black Sun – Under the Big Black Sun

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13.  The Dream Syndicate- When You Smile

Buy When You Smile – The Days Of Wine And Roses B

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14.  Sparks- Angst in My Pants

Buy Angst In My Pants – Angst In My Pants

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15.  Klein & MBO- Dirty Talk

Buy Dirty Talk (Radio Version) – Bustin’ Out 1982: New Wave to New Beat, Vol. 2

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16. Trouble Funk- Drop the Bomb

Buy Drop The Bomb – Go-Go Partytime Classics, Vol. 1

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17.  Malcolm McLaren & the World Famous Supreme Team- Buffalo Gals

Buy Buffalo Gals – Duck Rock

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18.  Yaz- Goodbye Seventies

Buy Goodbye Seventies – Upstairs At Eric’s

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19.  Richard & Linda Thompson- Wall of Death

Buy Wall of Death – Shoot Out the Lights

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