Mixes By Year: Best of 1983 Volume 5

Best of 1983 Volume 5 (9/1/09)

1.  Eddy Grant- Electric Avenue

Buy Electric Avenue Amazon


2.  X- The New World

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3.  Metallica- Seek & Destroy

*Track not available via Amazon


4.  Talking Heads- Pull Up The Roots

Buy Pull Up The Roots (2005 Remastered Album Version) Amazon


5.  Duran Duran- New Moon On Monday

Buy New Moon On Monday Amazon


6.  Tears For Fears- Mad World

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7.  Tom Waits- 16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought Six

Buy 16 Shells From A 30.6 Amazon


8.  R.E.M.- Catapult

Buy Catapult Amazon


9.  The Lyres- Help You Ann

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10.  The Violent Femmes- Prove My Love

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11.  Mary Jane Girls- In My House (12″ Mix)

Buy In My House (12 Inch Mix) Amazon


12.  The Isley Brothers- Between The Sheets

Buy Between The Sheets (Album Version) Amazon


13.  Mtume- Juicy Fruit

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14.  ESG- Moody (Spaced Out)

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15.  New Order- Your Silent Face

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16.  Yaz- Mr. Blue

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17.  The Go-Betweens- Cattle And Cane

*Track not available via Amazon


18.  Let’s Active- Every Word Means No
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