Mixes By Year: Best of 1983 Volume 6

Best of 1983 Volume 6 (9/2/07)

1.  The Fall- The Man Whose Heads Expanded

Buy The Man Whose Head Expanded Amazon


2.  Duran Duran- The Reflex

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3.  Metallica- Whiplash

*Track not available via Amazon


4.  The Replacements- Color Me Impressed

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5.  ESG- It’s Alright

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6.  Depeche Mode- Everything Counts

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7.  Naked Eyes- Promises, Promises

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8.  Bob Dylan- Jokerman

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9.  Minor Threat- Betray

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10.  X- I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts

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11.  Culture Club- Church Of the Poison Mind

Buy Church Of The Poison Mind (2002 – Remaster) Amazon


12.  Richard Thompson- Tear-Stained Letter

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13.  Rain Parade- I Look Around

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14.  Talking Heads- Girlfriend Is Better

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15.  Madonna- Lucky Star

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16. Cocteau Twins- Sugar Hiccup

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17.  The Pretenders- 2000 Miles

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18. Echo & the Bunnymen- The Back Of Love

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19.  Stevie Wonder- Stay Gold

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