Mixes By Year: Best of 1983 Volume 7

Best of 1983 Volume 7 (3/16/14)

1.  Metallica- Hit The Lights

*Track not available via Amazon


2.  Iron Maiden- The Trooper

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3.  Big Country- Fields Of Fire

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4.  U2- Like A Song…

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5.  R.E.M.- Sitting Still

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6.  The Cure- The Walk

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7.  Depeche Mode- Get The Balance Right

Buy Get The Balance Right (Single Version) Amazon


8.  Kraftwerk- Tour De France

Buy Tour De France (2009 – Remaster) Amazon


9.  Laid Back- White Horse

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10.  Alexander Robotnik- Problems D’Amour

Buy Problèmes D’Amour Amazon


11.  S.O.S. Band- Just Be Good To Me (Extended Version)

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12.  ESG- My Love For You

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13.  Liquid Liquid- Cavern

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14.  New Order- The Village

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15.  Billy Idol- Eyes Without A Face

Buy Eyes Without A Face (1999 – Remaster) Amazon


16.  Minor Threat- Look Back And Laugh

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17.  Def Leppard- Foolin’

*Track not available via Amazon


18.  The Police- King Of Pain

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