Mixes By Year: Best of 1984 Volume 10

  1. Van Halen- Hot For Teacher
  2. Black Flag- My War
  3. The Minutemen- Vietnam
  4. Husker Du- Newest Industry
  5. Scratch Acid- Greatest Gift
  6. Metallica- Trapped Under Ice
  7. The Pretenders- Time The Avenger
  8. The Go-Betweens- Man O’Sand To Girl O’Sea
  9. Julian Cope- Sunspots (Single Remix)
  10. Yellowman- Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
  11. Les Rita Mitsouko- Marcia Baila
  12. Prince- Baby I’m A Star
  13. Queen- I Want To Break Free
  14. Fonda Rae (AKA Wish)- Touch Me (All Night Long)
  15. The Smiths- Handsome Devil
  16. Jocelyn Brown- Somebody Else’s Guy
  17. George Michael (Wham!)- Careless Whisper
  18. Dennis Edwards- Don’t Look Any Further
  19. The Replacements- Answering Machine

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