Mixes By Year: Best of 1984 Volume 5

Best of 1984 Volume 5 (9/22/07)

1.  Prince & the Revolution- When Doves Cry

Buy When Doves Cry – Purple Rain (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)


2. Cocteau Twins- Lorelai

Buy Lorelei – Treasure (Remastered)


3.  Lloyd Cole & the Commotions- Forest Fire

Buy Forest Fire – Rattlesnakes (Deluxe Edition)


4.  The Fall- Oh Brother!

Buy Oh! Brother – 458489 A-Sides


5.  New Order- Thieves Like Us

Buy Thieves Like Us – Singles


6.  T-La Rock- It’s Yours!

Buy It’s Yours – Def Jam 25, Vol. 2: DJ Bring That Back (1996-1984)


7.  Afrika Bambaataa & the Soulsonic Force- Renegades of Funk (12″ Vocal Version)

Buy Renegades of Funk (12″ Vocal Version) – The Tommy Boy Story, Vol. 1


8.  The Minutemen- Two Beads at the End

Buy Two Beads At the End – Double Nickels On the Dime


9.  Metallica- Fight Fire with Fire

Buy Fight Fire With Fire – Ride the Lightning


10.  Husker Du- Something I Learned Today

*Track not available via iTunes          Buy Zen ArcadeAmazon


11.  The Nomads- Where the Wolf Bane Blooms

*Track not available via iTunes

Buy Nomadic Dementia: Best of Amazon


12.  The Chills- Pink Frost

*Track not available via iTunes

Buy Heavenly Pop HitsAlbum via Amazon


13.  R.E.M.- 7 Chinese Brothers

Buy 7 Chinese Brothers – Reckoning


14.  Icicle Works- Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly)

Buy Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly) [Single Version] – Dance Vault Mixes: Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly) – EP


15.  Depeche Mode- Master and Servant

Buy Master and Servant – Catching Up With Depeche Mode


16.  The Replacements- Sixteen Blue

Buy Sixteen Blue – Let It Be


17.  The Smiths- These Things Take Time

Buy These Things Take Time Amazon
18.  Bruce Springsteen- Cover Me

Buy Cover Me – Born In the U.S.A.


19.  John Lennon- Nobody Told Me

Buy Nobody Told Me – Lennon Legend

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