Mixes By Year: Best of 1987 Volume 7

Best of 1987 Volume 7 (8/6/11)

1.  The Smiths- Is It Really So Strange?

Buy Is It Really So Strange – The Smiths Project Box Set- Louder Than Bombs

*Track not available via Amazon

2.  R.E.M.- Oddfellows Local 151

Buy Oddfellows Local 151 – Document

Buy Oddfellows Local 151 Amazon

3.  Guided By Voices- Captain’s Dead

Buy Captain’s Dead – Devil Between My Toes

Buy Captain’s DeadAmazon

4.  Boogie Down Productions- 9mm Goes Bang

Buy 9Mm Goes Bang – Criminal Minded

Buy 9Mm Goes Bang [Explicit]Amazon

5.  Spoonie Gee- The Godfather

Buy The Godfather – Godfather of Hip Hop

*Track not available via Amazon

6.  N.W.A. & the Posse- Boyz-N-The-Hood

Buy Boyz-N-The Hood – N.W.A. And The Posse

Buy Boyz-N-The-Hood [Explicit]Amazon

7.  INXS- Devil Inside

Buy Devil Inside – Kick

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8.  The Cult- Aphrodisiac Jacket

Buy Aphrodisiac Jacket – Electric (Remastered)

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9.  Pet Shop Boys- Rent

Buy Rent (Seven-Inch Mix) – Actually (Deluxe Version)

Buy Rent (7” Mix) (2001 Digital Remaster)Amazon

10.  Depeche Mode- Strangelove

Buy Strangelove – The Best of Depeche Mode, Vol. 1 (Deluxe Version)

Buy Strangelove (2006 Remastered)Amazon

11.  Phuture- Acid Tracks

Buy Acid Tracks – Acid Tracks – EP

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12.  Spacemen 3- Transparent Radiation (Flashback)

*Track not available via iTunes or Amazon

13.  The Sisters Of Mercy- Lucretia My Reflection

Buy Lucretia My Reflection – Floodland (Remastered)

Buy Lucretia My ReflectionAmazon

14.  U2- In God’s Country

Buy In God’s Country – The Joshua Tree (Remastered)

Buy In God’s CountryAmazon

15.  Guns N’ Roses- Paradise City

Buy Paradise City – Appetite for Destruction

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