Mixes By Year: Best of 1988 Volume 7

Best of 1988 Volume 7 (5/8/10)

1.  When in Rome- The Promise

Buy When In Rome - When In Rome - The Promise

2.  The Pet Shop Boys- Heart

Buy Pet Shop Boys - Actually - Heart

3.  Erasure- A Little Respect

Buy Erasure - The Innocents - A Little Respect

4.  A Guy Called Gerald- Voodoo Ray

*Track not available via iTunes                 Buy 24 Hour Party People [Music from the Motion Picture] Album via Amazon

5.  Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians- What I Am

Buy Edie Brickell & New Bohemians - Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars - What I Am

6.  The Jungle Brothers- Because I Got It Like That

Buy Jungle Brothers - Straight Out the Jungle - Because I Got It Like That

7.  Big Daddy Kane- Set It Off

Buy Big Daddy Kane - Looks Like A Job For... Limited Edition - Set It Off

8.  Public Enemy- Louder Than A Bomb

Buy Public Enemy - It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back - Louder Than a Bomb

9.  Metallica- One

Buy Metallica - ...And Justice for All - One

10.  My Bloody Valentine- You Made Me Realise

*Track not available via iTunes                  Buy You Made Me Realise EP via Amazon

11.  Sonic Youth- The Sprawl

Buy Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation - The Sprawl

12.  Ultramagnetic MC’s- Smack My B**ch Up

Buy Ultramagnetic MC's - Smack My Bitch Up - Smack My Bitch Up

13.  Ice T- I’m Your Pusher

Buy Ice-T - Power - I'm Your Pusher / Pusherman

14.  EPMD- You’re A Customer

Buy EPMD - Strictly Business (Remastered) - You're a Customer

15.  Boogie Down Productions- Jimmy

Buy Boogie Down Productions - By All Means Necessary - Jimmy

16.  The Godfathers- Birth, School, Work, Death

Buy The Godfathers - The Best of the Godfathers: Birth, School, Work, Death - Birth, School, Work, Death

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