Mixes By Year: Best of 1990 Volume 3

Best of 1990 Volume 3 (7/5/04)

1.  The La’s – There She Goes

Buy There She GoesAmazon


2.  Happy Mondays- Step On

Buy Step OnAmazon


3.  The Charlatans U.K.- The Only One I Know

Buy The Only One I Know (Remastered) Amazon


4.  Sinead O’Connor- I Am Stretched On Your Grave

Buy I Am Stretched On Your Grave Amazon


5.  Madonna- Justify My Love

Buy Justify My LoveAmazon


6.  George Michael- Waiting For That Day/You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Buy Waiting For That DayAmazon


7.  Deee-Lite- A Good Beat

Buy Good Beat Amazon


8.  Digital Underground- The Humpty Dance

Buy The Humpty DanceAmazon


9.  LL Cool J- Jingling Baby (Remix)

Buy Jingling BabyAmazon


10.  The Cocteau Twins- Iceblink Luck

Buy Iceblink LuckAmazon


11.  The Chills- Heavenly Pop Hit

Buy Heavenly Pop HitAmazon


12.  Blake Babies- Out There

Buy Out ThereAmazon


13.  Ride- Vapour Trail

Buy Vapour TrailAmazon


14.  The Pixies- Velouria

Buy VelouriaAmazon


15.  Superchunk- Slack Motherfucker

Buy Slack MotherfuckerAmazon


16.  Uncle Tupelo- Graveyard Shift

Buy Graveyard Shift (Album Version) Amazon


17.  Public Enemy- 911 Is A Joke

Buy 911 Is A Joke [Explicit] Amazon


18.  Ice Cube- The Nigga Ya Love To Hate

Buy The Nigga Ya Love To Hate [Explicit] Amazon


19.  Jane’s Addiction- Ain’t No Right

Buy Ain’t No RightAmazon

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