Mixes By Year: Best of 1990 Volume 5

Best of 1990 Volume 5 (3/29/08)

1. Chill Rob G- The Power

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2.  Public Enemy- Fear Of A Black Planet

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3.  Kool G Rap & DJ Polo- Streets Of New York

*Track not available via Amazon


4.   Shabba Ranks- Roots and Culture

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5.  Black Box- Everybody Everybody (Le Freak 7″ Edit)

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6.  The Pet Shop Boys- So Hard

*Track not available via Amazon


7.  Happy Mondays- Kinky Afro

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8.  The Cocteau Twins- Cherry Coloured Funk

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9.  The Pale Saints- Sight Of You

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10.  Sonic Youth- Tunic (Song For Karen)

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11.  The Pixies- The Happening

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12.  Fugazi- Turnover

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13.  Alice In Chains- Man In A Box

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14.  Depeche Mode- Personal Jesus

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15.  Suzanne Vega (Feat DNA)- Tom’s Diner

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16.  A Tribe Called Quest- Bonita Applebum

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17.  LL Cool J- 6 Minutes Of Pleasure

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18.  The La’s- Timeless Melody

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