Mixes By Year: Best of 1990 Volume 8

Best of 1990 Volume 8 (4/12/14)

1.  Mother Love Bone- This Is Shangrila

Buy This Is Shangrila Amazon


2.   Jane’s Addiction- No One’s Leaving

Buy No One’s Leaving Amazon


3.  Ride- Drive Blind

Buy Drive Blind Amazon


4.  Flaming Lips- Unconsciously Screamin’

Buy Unconsciously Screamin’ Amazon


5.  Ween- You Fucked Up

Buy You Fucked Up Amazon


6.  Social Distortion- Story Of My Life

Buy Story Of My Life Amazon


7.   Uncle Tupelo- Whiskey Bottle

Buy Whiskey Bottle (Album Version) Amazon


8.  Fugazi- Styrofoam

Buy Styrofoam Amazon


9.  Neil Young & Crazyhorse- Country Home

Buy Country Home Amazon


10.  The Field Mice- If You Needed Someone

*Track not available via Amazon


11.  Bell Biv Devoe- Poison

Buy Poison Amazon


12.  A Tribe Called Quest- Luck Of Lucien

Buy Luck Of Lucien Amazon


13.  Eric B & Rakim- Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em

Buy Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em (Album Version Edit) Amazon


14.  Ice Cube- Jackin’ For Beats

Buy Jackin’ For Beats [Explicit] Amazon


15.  Geto Boys- Scarface

Buy Scarface [Explicit] Amazon


16.  Public Enemy- Can’t Do Nuttin’ For Ya Man

Buy Can’t Do Nuttin’ For Ya, Man! [Explicit] Amazon


17.  The Pixies- Allison

Buy Allison Amazon


18.  Angelo Badalamenti- Laura Palmer’s Theme

Buy Twin Peaks – Laura Palmer’s Theme / Main Title Theme (Falling) Amazon


19.  The KLF- Last TRain To Transcentral (Pure Trance Mix)

*This version not available via Amazon

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