Mixes By Year: Best of 1992 Volume 6

Best of 1992 Volume 6 (5/18/08)

1.  The Cure- Open

Buy High – Wish

Buy High ( LP Version ) Amazon

2.  Helmet- In the Meantime

Buy In the Meantime – Meantime

Buy In The MeantimeAmazon

3.  Soundgarden- Birth Ritual

Buy Birth Ritual – Singles (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Buy Birth RitualAmazon

4.  Dr. Dre (Feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg)- Lil’ Ghetto Boy

Buy Lil’ Ghetto Boy – The Chronic

Buy Lil’ Ghetto Boy [Explicit]Amazon

5.  Gang Starr- Take It Personal

Buy Take It Personal – Daily Operation

Buy Take It Personal [Explicit]Amazon

6.  The Beastie Boys- So Wha ‘Cha Want

Buy So What’cha Want – Check Your Head

Buy So What’Cha Want [Explicit]Amazon

7.  A Tribe Called Quest- Hot Sex

Buy Hot Sex – The Anthology

Buy Hot Sex Amazon

8.  Prince- Sexy MF

Buy Sexy M.F. – The Hits 2

Buy Sexy M.F. (LP Version) [Explicit]Amazon

9.  Suzanne Vega- 99.9F

Buy 99.9 F – 99.9 F

Buy 99.9 F Amazon

10.  The Jayhawks- Waiting for the Sun

Buy Waiting for the Sun – Hollywood Town Hall

Buy Waiting For The Sun (Album Version)Amazon

11.  Uncle Tupelo- Sauget Wind

Buy Sauget Wind – Still Feel Gone

Buy Sauget WindAmazon

12.  Social Distortion- Cold Feelings

Buy Cold Feelings – Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

Buy Cold FeelingsAmazon

13.  Sugar- if I Can’t Change Your Mind

Buy If I Can’t Change Your Mind – Copper Blue

Buy If I Can’t Change Your MindAmazon

14.  R.E.M.- Ignoreland

Buy Ignoreland – Automatic for the People

Buy IgnorelandAmazon

15.  Pavement- Fame Throwa

Buy Fame Throwa – Slanted & Enchanted (Remastered)

Buy Fame ThrowaAmazon

16.  Alice in Chains- The Rooster

Buy Rooster – Dirt

Buy RoosterAmazon

17.  Manic Street Preachers- Stay Beautiful

*Track not available via iTunes or Amazon

18.  Buffalo Tom- Taillights Fade

Buy Taillights Fade – Let Me Come Over

Buy Taillights Fade Amazon

19.  Guided By Voices- Exit Flagger

Buy Exit Flagger – Propeller

Buy Exit FlaggerAmazon

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