Mixes By Year: Best of 1994 Volume 6

Best of 1994 Volume 6 (7/10/08)

1.  Oasis- Rock N’ Roll Star

Buy Rock ‘N’ Roll Star – Definitely Maybe

2.  The Toadies- Possum Kingdom

Buy Possum Kingdom – Rubberneck

3.  Green Day- Welcome to Paradise

Buy Welcome to Paradise – Dookie

4.  Soul Coughing- True Dreams of Wichita

Buy True Dreams of Wichita – Ruby Vroom

5.  The Silver Jews- Advice to the Graduate

*Track not available via iTunes

Buy Starlite WalkerAmazon

6.  Magnetic Fields- Take Ecstasy with Me

Buy Take Ecstasy with Me – Holiday

7.  Outkast- Crumblin’ Erb

Buy Crumblin’ Erb – Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik

8.  Nas- One Love

Buy One Love – Illmatic

9.  Edwyn Collins- A Girl Like You

Buy A Girl Like You – NOW That’s What I Call the 90’s (Deluxe Edition)

10.  Ween- Voodoo Lady

Buy Voodoo Lady – Chocolate & Cheese

11.  Guided By Voices- Echoes Myron

Buy Echos Myron – Bee Thousand

12.  Portishead- Mysterons

Buy Mysterons – Dummy

13.  Sonic Youth- Bull in the Heather

Buy Bull in the Heather – Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star

14.  Elvis Costello- Pony St.

Buy Pony St. – Brutal Youth

15.  Hole- Violet

Buy Violet – Live Through This

16.  Pearl Jam- Better Man

Buy Better Man – Vitalogy

17.  Weezer- No One Else

Buy No One Else – Weezer

18.  Tom Petty- You Don’t Know How It Feels

Buy You Don’t Know How It Feels – Wildflowers

19.  Blur- To the End

Buy To the End – Parklife

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