Mixes By Year: Best of 1998 Volume 5

Best of 1998 Volume 5 (10/4/08)

1.  Aaliyah- Are You That Somebody?

Buy Are You That Somebody? – Dr. Dolittle (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

Buy Are You That Somebody?Amazon

2.  Spoon- No You’re Not

Buy No You’re Not – A Series of Sneaks

Buy No You’re NotAmazon

3.  Neutral Milk Hotel- Two Headed Boy

Buy Two-Headed Boy – In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Buy Two-Headed BoyAmazon

4.  12 Rods- Chromatically Declining Me

Buy Chromatically Declining Me – Split Personalities

*Track not available via Amazon

5.  Elliott Smith- Bled White

Buy Bled White – XO

Buy Bled WhiteAmazon

6.  Mercury Rev- Opus 40

Buy Opus 40 – Deserter’s Songs (Remastered)

Buy Opus 40 (Remastered)Amazon

7.  Herbert- So Now…

Buy So Now – Around the House

Buy So Now?Amazon

8.  Boards of Canada- Aquarius

Buy Aquarius – Music Has the Right to Children

Buy AquariusAmazon

9.  Belle & Sebastian- I Know Where the Summer Goes

Buy I Know Where the Summer Goes – Push Barman to Open Old Wounds

Buy I Know Where The Summer GoesAmazon

10.  Hole- Malibu

Buy Malibu – Celebrity Skin Buy MalibuAmazon

11.  U2- The Sweetest Thing (Single Mix)

Buy Sweetest Thing (The Single Mix) – U218 Singles (Deluxe Version)

Buy Sweetest ThingAmazon

12.  Liz Phair- Johnny Feelgood

Buy Johnny Feelgood – Whitechocolatespaceegg

Buy Johnny Feelgood [Explicit]Amazon

13.  Lauryn Hill- Ex Factor

Buy Ex-Factor – The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Buy Ex-FactorAmazon

14.  Outkast- Aquemini

Buy Aquemini – Aquemini

Buy Aquemini [Explicit]Amazon

15.  Big L- Ebonics

Buy Ebonics – The Big Picture

Buy Ebonics [Explicit] Amazon

16.  The Beastie Boys- Super Disco Breakin’

Buy Super Disco Breakin’ – Hello Nasty (Remastered)

Buy Super Disco Breakin’ (2009 Digital Remaster) () [Explicit]Amazon

17.  Big Punisher (Feat. Fot Joe)- Still Not a Player

Buy Still Not a Player – Capital Punishment

Buy Still Not A PlayerAmazon

18.  Silver Jews- Honk If You’re Lonely

Buy Honk If You’re Lonely – American Water

Buy Honk If You’re Lonely Amazon

19.  Josh Rouse- Late Night Conversation

Buy Late Night Conversation – Dressed Up Like Nebraska

Buy Late Night ConversationAmazon

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