Mixes By Year: Best of 2000 Volume 10 (3/12/22)

  1. Green Day- Warning
  2. Sleater-Kinney- #1 Must Have
  3. Clinic- 2/4
  4. Life Without Buildings- The Leanover
  5. Radiohead- In Limbo
  6. Air- High School Lover (Theme From “Virgin Suicides”)
  7. Boradcast- City In Progress
  8. St. Germain- Rose Rouge
  9. The Artful Dodger (Feat. Craig David)- Re-Rewind (Radio Version)
  10. Luomo- Tessio
  11. Goldfrapp- Lovely Head
  12. Eels- Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues
  13. The White Stripes- Apple Blossom
  14. Shelby Lynne- Why Can’t You Be?
  15. Ryan Adams- My Winding Wheel
  16. Aimee Mann- Nothing Is Good Enough
  17. Elliott Smith- Everything Reminds Me Of Her
  18. Calexico- Ballad Of Cable Hogue
  19. Johnny Cash (with Will Oldham)- I See A Darkness

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