4 thoughts on “Recommended New Music: Intro

  1. Patrick

    I really like the initial offering from B.o.b (aka Bobby Ray) “The Adventures of Bobby Ray”. He is a talented talented dude. I actually some of the stuff off his old mixtapes better than the album stuff, but I do like the album quite a bit.

  2. bdog Post author

    B.O.B. is actually on our label. I need to check him out more. I’ve only heard the “Airplanes” song but I’ve heard that his less commercial stuff is way better. Thanks for the recommendation.

    What do you think of Drake?

    Big Boi’s solo album is hittin’ next month. Will likely be the rap album of the year

  3. Patrick

    I’ve listened to only 2 of the recommended albums (Spoon and Vampire Weekend) in full. Both were solid, and I really liked Spoon. So I guess this means I have some homework to do.

    I’ve heard positive comments from others about Hot Chip, and I’ve been wanting to listen to some Janelle Moneae since I heard her singing “The Kids” on B.o.b’s album — which is, interestingly, a Vampire Weekend sample –so maybe I’ll start out with those two.

  4. bdog Post author

    Hot Chip are very dancey- but dance music made by pasty white nerdy Londoners. They are very good and there always seems to be 2-3 standout tracks per album.

    Can’t say enough about the Janelle Monae record- love it! It’s musically all over the place so it definitely needs to be approached with an open mind to be enjoyed. There are only 1-2 tracks that could even qualify as hip hop

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