Top 50 Albums of 2017: Best of 2017 Volume 3

Best of 2017 Volume 3 (1/12/17)

1. Vince Staples (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)- Yeah Right

Buy Yeah Right [Explicit]

2. Lorde- Green Light

Buy Green Light

3. St. Vincent- Pills

Buy Pills [Explicit]

4. Slowdive- Go Get It

Buy Go Get It

5. Julien Baker- Happy To Be Here

Buy Happy to Be Here

6. Selena Gomez- Bad Liar

Buy Bad Liar

7. Kendrick Lamar- Humble

Buy HUMBLE. [Explicit]

8. Run The Jewels- A Report To The Shareholders/Kill Your Masters

Buy A Report to the Shareholders / Kill Your Masters [Explicit]

9. Tyler The Creator (Feat. Frank Ocean & Steve Lacy)- 911/Mr. Lonely

Buy 911 / Mr. Lonely [Explicit]

10. The xx- On Hold

Buy On Hold

11. LCD Soundsystem- Emotional Haircut

Buy emotional haircut [Explicit]

12. Spoon- Tear It Down

Buy Tear It Down

13. Fever Ray- IDK About You

Buy IDK About You

14. Girlpool- It Gets More Blue

Buy It Gets More Blue

15. SZA- Drew Barrymore

Buy Drew Barrymore [Explicit]

16. Jessie Ware- Midnight (Single Version)

Buy Midnight (Single Version)

17. Charlotte Gainsbourg- Deadly Valentine

Buy Deadly Valentine

18. Big Thief- Mythological Beauty

Buy Mythological Beauty

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