Best of 1970 Volume 5

Best of 1970 Volume 5 (7/20/06)

1.  Black Sabbath- War Pigs

*Track not available via iTunes or Amazon

2.  James Brown- Super Bad (Parts 1 & 2)

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3.  Curtis Mayfield- Move On Up

Buy Move On Up (Extended Version) – Curtis
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4.  The James Gang- Funk #49

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5.  John Lennon- Instant Karma!

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6.  Santana- Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen

Buy Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen – Abraxas
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7.  Randy Newman- Have You Seen My Baby?

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8.  Stevie Wonder- Heaven Help Us All

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9.  The Melodians- Rivers of Babylon

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10.  Joni Mitchell- Morning Morgantown

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11.  Vashti Bunyon- Diamond Day

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12.  The Grateful Dead- Uncle John’s Band

Buy Uncle John’s Band – Workingman’s Dead (Bonus Tracks)
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13.  Crosby Stills Nash & Young- Woodstock

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14.  Jimi Hendrix- Message to Love (Live)

Buy Message to Love (Live) – Band of Gypsys (Live) [Remastered]
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15.  Van Morrison- Moondance

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16. Aretha Franklin- Call Me

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17.  The Beatles- Let it Be

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18.  George Jones- A Good Year for the Roses

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