Mixes By Year: Best of 1980 Volume 1

Best of 1980  Volume 1 (4/17/02)

1.  X- Los Angeles

Buy X - Los Angeles - Los Angeles

2.  Motorhead- Ace of Spades

Buy Motörhead - Ace of Spades - Ace of Spades

3.  AC/DC- Hells Bells

*Not Available through iTunes

Buy  Back in Black album through Amazon

4.  David Bowie- Ashes to Ashes

Buy David Bowie - Scary Monsters - Ashes to Ashes

5.  The Police- Don’t Stand So Close to Me

Buy The Police - Zenyatta Mondatta - Don't Stand so Close to Me

6.  The Talking Heads- Once in a Lifetime

Buy Talking Heads - Remain In Light - Once In a Lifetime

7.  Prince- When You Were Mine

Buy Prince - Dirty Mind - When You Were Mine

8.  S.O.S. Band- Take Your Time (Do it Right)

Buy The S.O.S. Band - Soufside So Real - Take Your Time *This version is re-recorded from the original

9.  Diana Ross- Upside Down

Buy Diana Ross - Diana Ross: All the Great Hits - Upside Down

10.  Blondie- Rapture

Buy Blondie - The Best of Blondie - Rapture

11.  The Pretenders- Precious

Buy Pretenders - Pretenders (Remastered) - Precious

12.  Devo- Whip It

Buy Devo - Freedom of Choice (Deluxe Version) [Remastered] - Whip It

13.  Gary Numan- Cars

Buy Gary Numan - The Pleasure Principle - Cars

14.  The Jam- That’s Entertainment!

Buy The Jam - Sound Affects (Remastered) - That's Entertainment

15.  U2- Twilight

Buy U2 - Boy (Remastered) - Twilight

16.  The English Beat- Mirror in the Bathroom

Buy The English Beat - I Just Can't Stop It - Mirror In the Bathroom

17.  Liliput- Split

Buy Liliput - Kleenex/Liliput - Split

18.  Mission of Burma- Academy Fight Song

Buy Mission of Burma - Signals, Calls and Marches (Remastered) - Academy Fight Song

19.  Joy Division- Love Will Tear Us Apart

Buy Joy Division - Closer (Collector's Edition) - Love Will Tear Us Apart

20.  Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band- Hungry Heart

Buy Bruce Springsteen - The River - Hungry Heart

21.  Elvis Costello & the Attractions- New Amsterdam

Buy Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Get Happy!! - New Amsterdam

22.  John Lennon- Watching the Wheels

BuyJohn Lennon - Double Fantasy (Remastered) - Watching the Wheels

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