Best of 2021 Volume 7 (2/4/23)

  1. Black Midi- John L
  2. Gojira- New Found
  3. Turnstile- T.L.C. (Turnstile Love Connection)
  4. Parquet Courts- Homo Sapien
  5. Viagra Boys- Creatures
  6. Pom Pom Squad- Head Cheerleader
  7. Illuminati Hotties- Pool Hopping
  8. LANA DEL REY- Black Bathing Suit
  9. Billie Eilish- Happier Than Ever
  10. Indigo de Souza- Pretty Pictures
  11. Doja Cat- Get Into It (Yuh)
  12. Olivia Rodrigo- Jealousy, Jealousy
  13. Amaarae & Kali Uchis- Sad Girls Luv Money (Remix) (Feat. Molly)
  14. Tyler, the Creator (Feat. Dono Genesis)- Manifesto
  15. Baby Keep & Kendrick Lamar- Family Ties
  16. Wiki (Feat. Navy Blue)- Can’t Do This Alone
  17. Lil Nas X- Life After Salem
  18. The Goon Sax- In The Stone
  19. KACEY MUSGRAVES- Good Wife
  20. Faye Webster- Sometimes
  21. JULIEN BAKER- Song in E

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