Best Albums of the 90’s: Intro

Here are my top 100 albums of the 90’s.  This was a tough list to make and MANY great albums got cut.  The 90’s was a time when myself and likely many of you reading this blog were in college and in our post-collegiate & possibly pre-marriage/kids twenty-something haze.  Now that we are over a decade removed from the 90’s I think a 90’s revival is just around the corner.  Normally a decade’s music is reviled until people become enough removed from it- then the nostalgia factor kicks in for those who were old enough to remember the decade and revisionist interpretation happens with the first generation of people who were too young to appreciate it the first time.  We just witnessed/are witnessing a decades-long 80’s revival in the oughts.

It will be interesting to see what kind of twists are put on the music of the 90’s- the decade of grunge, brit-pop/shoegaze, the golden era to commercial dominance of rap, boy bands, teen pop, electronica and all of its sub genres including trip-hop, jungle, *IDM (Intelligent dance music), drum n’ bass & big beat.  These are my faves.  What are yours.

* this has to be the most condescending genre name ever penned.

3 thoughts on “Best Albums of the 90’s: Intro

  1. Greg Urquhart

    2 albums jump out at me for their exclusion from this list: Kiko by Los Lobos, though I realize I may be that album’s biggest fan, and Cure for Pain by Morphine.

  2. bdog Post author

    Two very good albums. I actually think you have plenty of people who would agree with you very much. Both are very good albums- I think “Cure for Pain” was Morphine’s best. And “Kiko” certainly Los Lobos best since the 80’s if not the best period. I still love “How Will the Wolf Survive?” though.

    Neither album was close to cracking the top 100 for me though. I had others that were actually painful for me to exclude. There just aren’t enough spaces. What the hell am I gonna do when I do the top 100 albums of the 70’s….

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