Best of 2009: Intro

Welcome to my music blog.  My opening list will be the top 50 albums of 2009.  I have included my two favorite tracks for each album.  Links to buy the listed tracks and all of the albums (if available) at iTunes are provided.  If you plan on purchasing anything on the list and are a supporter of this blog please use the links before you buy.  We actually get a small cut!

All albums and/or tracks on any of my lists are albums/tracks that I have in my collection.  If I haven’t included an album or track in a list it may be because I don’t own it or haven’t heard it yet.  I do encourage all comments and suggestions.

Hope you enjoy and happy music listening!

4 thoughts on “Best of 2009: Intro

  1. Urquhart

    Ahhhh!!!! So f*ing jacked that you got this site up. You will be a god among the over-30 hipster set.

    Lots of music on your 2009 list I need to check out. I’m embarrassed to admit I only have 5 of your top 10. Glad to see Mastodon made the short list.

    Are you open to general blog suggestions? I’d be more likely–scratch that, certain– to buy via a link on your site if you included other options, like Amazon, which doesn’t force me to use an Apple product to play back my music…


  2. admin

    oh now I see it. Totally open to suggestions. Which 5 do you have. Well I know Girls & Mastodon and I think Animal Collective. My guess is you also have Phoenix and Grizzly Bear. Am I right? Definitely get Dirty Projectors. You’ll be way into them

  3. Urquhart

    yo, I bought Phoenix from Amazon the other day. Amazing.

    I used the Amazon link on your blog, but it brought me to the purchase site for the physical CD, so I clicked through to the MP3 purchase instead. Were you intentionally linking to the physical CDs, or did you mean to link to the downloads?

    This will be a good test case to see if you get credited for the purchase even though i went a few more pages in before making my purchase.

    Dirty Projectors will be purchases shortly…

  4. admin

    very good to know. I’ll check it out. There seems to be a lag-time on when Amazon posts the commissions. I didn’t necessarily mean to link directly to the physicals but I’m not sure it matters. From what I’ve heard I should still get credit if someone follows my link to the store and buys music (even if it’s not on my blog). I actually like that there is a physical option with the link. I know at least me & Holbrook still buy physicals.

    Glad you dig Phoenix. You will LOVE Dirty Projectors

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