Mixes By Year: Best of 1975 Volume 7

Best of 1975 Volume 7 (3/4/12)

1.  Pink Floyd- Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)

Buy Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Pts. 1-5 – Wish You Were Here (Remastered)

Buy Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1 – 5) [2011 – Remaster]Amazon

2.  Tangerine Dream- Rubycon (Part 1)

Buy Rubycon (7″ Side One) – The Virgin Years 1974-1978 (Remastered)

Buy Rubycon (7″ Side One) (2011 – Remaster)Amazon

3.  Brian Eno- In Dark Trees

Buy In Dark Trees – Another Green World

Buy In Dark Trees (2004 Digital Remaster) Amazon

4.  The Grateful Dead- Help On the Way/Slipknot!

Buy Help On the Way / Slipknot! – Blues for Allah (Expanded) [Remastered]

Buy Help On The Way / Slipknot!Amazon

5.  Led Zeppelin- Trampled Under Foot

Buy Trampled Under Foot – Physical Graffiti (Remastered)

Buy Trampled Under Foot Amazon

6.  Roxy Music- Whirlwind

Buy Whirlwind – Siren

Buy Whirlwind (1999 Digital Remaster)Amazon

7.  Jeff Beck- Air Blower

Buy Air Blower – Blow By Blow

*Track not available via Amazon

8.  Fela Kuti & Afrika ’70- Water No Get Enemy (Edit)

Buy Water No Get Enemy – Best of the Black President

Buy Water No Get EnemyAmazon

9.  The Dwight Twilley Band- I’m On Fire

Buy I’m On Fire – Sahara (Music from and Inspired By the Motion Picture)

Buy I’m On Fire (1996 – Remaster)Amazon

10.  Aerosmith- Adam’s Apple

Buy Adam’s Apple – Toys In the Attic

Buy Adam’s Apple Amazon

11.  ZZ Top- Tush

Buy Tush – Fandango! (Expanded Edition) [Remastered]

Buy TushAmazon

12.  Bruce Springsteen- She’s the One

Buy She’s the One – Born to Run (30th Anniversary Edition) [Remastered]

Buy She’s The OneAmazon

13.  Neil Young- New Mama

Buy New Mama – Tonight’s the Night

Buy New MamaAmazon

14.  Fleetwood Mac- Say You Love Me

Buy Say You Love Me – Fleetwood Mac

Buy Say You Love MeAmazon

15.  The Eagles- Take It to the Limit

Buy Take It to the Limit – One of These Nights

Buy Take It To The LimitAmazon

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