Mixes By Year: Best of 1979 Volume 8

Best of 1979 Volume 8 (9/21/13)

1.  Frank Zappa- Joe’s Garage (Single Version)

Buy Joe’s Garage – Joe’s Garage: Acts I, II & III
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2.  The Specials- (Dawning Of a) New Era

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3.  XTC- Life Begins At the Hop

Buy Life Begins at the Hop – Drums and Wires
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4.  Graham Parker & the Rumour- Local Girls

Buy Local Girls – You Can’t Be Too Strong – An Introduction to Graham Parker
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5.  The Cars- Dangerous Type

Buy Dangerous Type – Candy-O
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6.  Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers- Don’t Do Me Like That

Buy Don’t Do Me Like That – Damn the Torpedoes (Remastered)
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7.  Fleetwood Mac- Think About Me

Buy Think About Me – Tusk
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8. The Eagles- I Can’t Tell You Why

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9.  The Roches- Hammond Song

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10.  Neil Young & Crazyhorse- Thrasher

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11.  Joy Division- Day Of the Lords

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12.  Pink Floyd- One Of My Turns

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13.  The Buzzcocks- Hollow Inside

Buy Hollow Inside (2008 Remastered) – A Different Kind of Tension (Special Edition)
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14.  The Undertones- True Confessions

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15.  The Germs- Richie Dagger’s Crime

Buy Richie Dagger’s Crime – Gi
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16.  The Raincoats- Off Duty Trip

Buy Off Duty Trip – The Raincoats
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17.  Elvis Costello & the Attractions- Green Shirt

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18.  Joe Jackson- Sunday Papers

Buy Sunday Papers – Look Sharp! (Bonus Track Version)
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19.  The Clash- Lost In the Supermarket

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20.  Supertramp- Goodbye Stranger

Buy Goodbye Stranger – Breakfast in America (Remastered)
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