Mixes By Year: Best of 1981 Volume 3

Best of 1981 Volume 3 (7/21/05)

1.  AC/DC- For those About to Rock We Salute You

Buy For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) – For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)
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2.  Agent Orange- Bloodstains (Darkness Version)

Buy Bloodstains (1981 Darkness Version) – Living In Darkness
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3.  The Flesh Eaters- See You in the Boneyard

Buy See You In the Boneyard – A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die
Buy See You In The BoneyardAmazon

4.  The Specials- Ghost Town (12″ Version)

Buy Ghost Town (Extended Version) – The Best of the Specials (Remastered)
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5.  ESG- UFO

Buy U.F.O. – ESG
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6.  Black Uhuru- Sponji Reggae

Buy Sponji Reggae – Red
Buy Sponji ReggaeAmazon

7.  Grace Jones- Pull Up the Bumper

Buy Pull Up To The Bumper – Nightclubbing
Buy Pull Up To The BumperAmazon

8.  Frankie Smith- Double Dutch Bus

Buy Double Dutch Bus – Double Dutch Bus
Buy Double Dutch BusAmazon

9.  The Pretenders- Message Of Love

Buy Message of Love – Pretenders II (Remastered)
Buy Message Of Love (2009 Remastered)Amazon

10.  Echo & the Bunnymen- A Promise

Buy A Promise – Heaven Up Here
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11.  The Clean- Tally Ho

Buy Tally Ho – Anthology
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12.  Genesis- No Reply At All

Buy No Reply At All – Abacab (Remastered) [Bonus Video Version]
Buy No Reply At All (LP Version)Amazon

13.  The Kinks- Destroyer

Buy Destroyer – Give the People What They Want (Remastered)
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14.  The Fall- Prole Art Threat

Buy Prole Art Threat – Slates
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15.  Minor Threat- In My Eyes

Buy In My Eyes – First 2 7″s
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16.  Mission Of Burma- This Is Not a Photograph

Buy This Is Not a Photograph – Signals, Calls and Marches (Remastered)
Buy This Is Not A PhotographAmazon

17.  Duran Duran- Girls On Film

Buy Girls On Film – Duran Duran (Remastered)
Buy Girls On Film (2010 – Remaster)Amazon

18.  The DB’s- Big Brown Eyes

Buy Big Brown Eyes – Stands for Decibels (Bonus Track Version)
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19.  The Human League- Seconds

Buy Seconds – Dare
Buy Seconds (2002 Digital Remaster)Amazon

20.  Kraftwerk- Numbers

Buy Numbers – Computer World
Buy Numbers (LP Version)Amazon

21.  Elvis Costello & the Attractions- Clubland

BuyClubland – Trust

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