Mixes By Year: Best of 1981 Volume 6

Best of 1981 Volume 6 (7/22/07)

1.  The Rolling Stones- Start Me Up

Buy Start Me Up – Tattoo You (Remastered)
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2.  Television Personalities- This Angry Silence

Buy This Angry Silence – And Don’t the Kids Just Love It
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3.  Yoko Ono- Walking On Thin Ice

*This version not available on iTunes or Amazon

4.  New Order- Everything’s Gone Green

Buy Everything’s Gone Green (Edit) – Singles
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5.  Duran Duran- Planet Earth

Buy Planet Earth – Duran Duran (Remastered)
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6.  Devo- Beautiful World

Buy Beautiful World – New Traditionalists
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7.  Brian Eno & David Byrne- America Is Waiting

BuyAmerica Is Waiting – My Life In the Bush of Ghosts
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8.  Radio Birdman- Smith & Wesson

Buy Smith and Wesson Blues – The Essential Radio Birdman (1974-1978)
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9.  Van Halen- Mean Street

Buy Mean Street – Fair Warning
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10.  Echo & the Bunnymen- Over the Wall

Buy Over the Wall – Heaven Up Here
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11.  X- The Once Over Twice

Buy The Once Over Twice – Wild Gift
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12.  The Cars- Shake It Up

Buy Shake It Up – Shake It Up
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13.  Squeeze- Mumbo Jumbo

Buy Mumbo Jumbo – East Side Story
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14.  Tom Tom Club- Wordy Rappinghood

Buy Wordy Rappinghood – Tom Tom Club
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15.  Adam & the Ants- Prince Charming

Buy Prince Charming – Prince Charming
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16.  Prince- Jack U Off

Buy Jack U Off – Controversy
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17.  Kraftwerk- Pocket Calculator

Buy Pocket Calculator – Computer World
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18.  Boomtown Rats- Up All Night

*Track not available vis iTunes or Amazon

19.  Journey- Don’t Stop Believing

BuyDon’t Stop Believin’ – Escape
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