Mixes By Year: Best of 1984 Volume 1

Best of 1984 Volume 1 (10/26/02)

1.  Prince & the Revolution- Let’s Go Crazy

Buy Let’s Go Crazy – Purple Rain (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)


2.  The Cars- Magic

Buy MagicAmazon


3.  Run-DMC- Rock Box

Buy Rock Box – Run-DMC


4.  Van Halen- Panama

Buy Panama – 1984


5.  The Minutemen- Corona

Buy Corona – Double Nickels On the Dime


6.  Los Lobos- I Got Loaded

Buy I Got Loaded – How Will the Wolf Survive?


7.  The Go-Go’s- Head Over Heels

Buy Head Over Heels – Return to the Valley of the Go-Go’s


8.  Whodini- 5 Minutes of Funk

Buy Five Minutes of Funk – Whodini: Greatest Hits


9.  Nucleus- Jam On It

Buy Jam On It – Jam On Revenge


10.  Depeche Mode- People Are People

Buy People Are People – Some Great Reward (Remastered)


11.  The Smiths- How Soon is Now?

Buy How Soon Is Now? – The Sound of the Smiths (Deluxe Edition) [Remastered]


12.  R.E.M.- Pretty Persuasion

Buy Pretty Persuasion – Reckoning


13.  Bruce Springsteen- I’m On Fire

Buy I’m On Fire – Born In the U.S.A.


14.  The Meat Puppets- Plateau

Buy Plateau – Meat Puppets II


15.  The Replacements- Unsatisfied

Buy Unsatisfied – Let It Be


16.  U2- The Unforgettable Fire

Buy The Unforgettable Fire – The Unforgettable Fire (Remastered) [Deluxe Version]


17.  Husker Du- What’s Going On

*Track not available via iTunes Buy Zen ArcadeAmazon


18.  Metallica- Fade to Black

Buy Fade to Black – Ride the Lightning

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