Mixes By Year: Best of 1984 Volume 8

Best of 1984 Volume 8 (9/11/10)

1.  The Cars- Hello Again

Buy Hello Again – Heartbeat City


2. Davy DMX- One for the Treble (Fresh) (Vocal Mix)

Buy One for the Treble – F – F – F – Fresh


3.  Prince & the Revolution- Darling Nikki

Buy Darling Nikki – Purple Rain (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)


4.  Sheena Easton- Strut

Buy Strut – Sheena Easton: Greatest Hits


5.  Animotion- Obsession

Buy Obsession – Pure 80’s


6.  Van Halen- Girl Gone Bad

Buy Girl Gone Bad – 1984


7.  Ratt- Round And Round
Buy Round And Round  Amazon


8.  Los Lobos- Don’t Worry Baby

Buy Don’t Worry Baby – How Will the Wolf Survive?


9.  The Smiths- What Difference Does It Make?

Buy What Difference Does It Make? (Peel Session, BBC) – The Sound of the Smiths (Remastered)


10.  The Ramones- Mama’s Boy

Buy Mama’s Boy – Too Tough to Die


11.  Lime Spiders- Slave Girl

Buy Slave Girl (Live) – Lime Spiders: Live At the Esplanade *Live Version only available

For original version Buy Nine Miles High 1983-1990Album via Amazon


12.  Husker Du- Eight Miles High

*Track not available via iTunes

Buy Eight Miles High/Makes No Sense At All [EP]Amazon


13.  Metallica- Creeping Death

Buy Creeping Death – Ride the Lightning


14.  The World’s Famous Supreme Team- Hey DJ

*Track not available via iTunes

Buy hey d.j. 12Amazon


15.  Special AKA- Free Nelson Mandela

Buy Free Nelson Mandela – The Specials: The Singles Collection


16.  Malcolm X- No Sell Out

*Track not available via iTunes

Buy Malcolm X – No Sell OutAmazon


17.  This Mortal Coil- Song to the Siren

Buy Song to the Siren – It’ll End in Tears


18.  The Thompson Twins- Hold Me Now

Buy Hold Me Now – Thompson Twins: Greatest Hits – Love, Lies and Other Strange Things

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