Mixes By Year: Best of 1985 Volume 8

Best of 1985 Volume 8 (7/14/12)

1.  Run-DMC- Can You Rock It Like This

Buy Can You Rock It Like This – King of Rock
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2.  Roxanne With UTFO- The Real Roxanne

*Track not available via iTunes or Amazon


3.  Roxanne Shante- Roxanne’s Revenge (Street Version)

Buy Roxanne’s Revenge – Old School Hip Hop & Freestyle
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4.  Husker Du- Divide and Conquer

Buy Divide and Conquer – Flip Your Wig
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5.  Rites Of Spring- Remainder

Buy Remainder – Rites of Spring
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6.  The Smiths- Barbarism Begins at Home

Buy Barbarism Begins At Home – Meat Is Murder
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7.  The Fall- Spoilt Victorian Child

Buy Spoilt Victorian Child – This Nation’s Saving Grace
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8.  The Cure- Push

Buy Push – The Head On the Door (Remastered) [Bonus Version]
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9.  Echo & the Bunnymen- Bring On the Dancing Horses

Buy Bring On the Dancing Horses – Pretty In Pink (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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10.  Kate Bush- Jig Of Life

Buy Jig of Life – Hounds of Love
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11.  R.E.M.- Ages Of You

Buy Ages of You – Dead Letter Office
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12.  The Pogues- Whiskey You’re the Devil

Buy Whiskey You’re the Devil – Red Roses for Me [Expanded]
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13.  The Velvet Underground- Foggy Notion       *Originally recorded in the late 60’s

Buy Foggy Notion – VU
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14.  New Order- Sunrise

Buy Sunrise – Low-Life (Collector’s Edition)
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15.  Tears For Fears- The Working Hour

Buy The Working Hour – Songs from the Big Chair (Bonus Tracks)
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16.  Prefab Sprout- Faron

Buy Faron Young – Steve McQueen
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17.  Sade- Hang Onto Your Love
Buy Hang On to Your Love – Diamond Life
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