Mixes By Year: Best of 1987 Volume 4

Best of 1987 Volume 4 (10/21/04)

1.  M/A/R/R/S- Pump Up the Volume (Radio Edit)

Buy Pump Up the Volume (UK 12″ Remix) – Pump Up the Volume – EP

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2.  Eric B & Rakim- Move the Crowd

Buy Move the Crowd – Paid In Full (Expanded)

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3.  The Hoodoo Gurus- What’s My Scene?

Buy What’s My Scene – Blow Your Cool

Buy What’s My Scene (LP Version)Amazon

4.  Boogie Down Productions- South Bronx

Buy South Bronx – Criminal Minded

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5.  Kool Moe Dee- Wild Wild West

Buy Wild Wild West – Kool Moe Dee: Greatest Hits

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6.  Red Hot Chili Peppers- Fight Like a Brave

Buy Fight Like a Brave – The Uplift Mofo Party Plan

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7.  R.E.M.- Welcome to the Occupation

Buy Welcome to the Occupation – Document

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8.  10,000 Maniacs- What’s the Matter Here

Buy What’s the Matter Here – In My Tribe

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9.  Tom Waits- Hang On St. Christopher

Buy Hang on St. Christopher – Frank’s Wild Years

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10.  The Replacements- The Ledge

Buy The Ledge – Pleased to Meet Me (Expanded Edition)

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11.  The Smiths- I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish

Buy I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish – Strangeways, Here We Come

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12.  The Cure- Catch

Buy Catch – Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me

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13.  Mission Of Burma- Forget        *released posthumously in ’87 long after band broke up

Buy Forget – Forget

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14.  Spacemen 3- Come Down Easy

*This version not available via iTunes or Amazon

15.  Prince- If I Was Your Girlfriend

Buy If I Was Your Girlfriend – Sign ‘O’ the Times

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16.  Guns N’ Roses- My Michelle

Buy My Michelle – Appetite for Destruction

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17.  The Pixies- Nimrod’s Son

Buy Nimrod’s Son – Come On Pilgrim

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18.  Dwight Yoakam- Please, Please Baby

Buy Please, Please Baby – Hillbilly Deluxe

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19.  John Mellencamp- Cherry Bomb

Buy Cherry Bomb – The Lonesome Jubilee

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20.  Bruce Springsteen- One Step Up

Buy One Step Up – Tunnel of Love

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