Mixes By Year: Best of 1989 Volume 8

Best of 1989 Volume 8 (3/19/12)

1.  The Smithereens- A Girl Like You

Buy A Girl Like You – 11

Buy A Girl Like YouAmazon

2.  The Cynics- Baby What’s Wrong

Buy Baby What’s Wrong – Rock & Roll (Remastered)

Buy Baby What’s Wrong Amazon

3.  Neil Young- Don’t Cty

Buy Don’t Cry – Freedom

Buy Don’t CryAmazon

4.  Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers- Runnin’ Down a Dream

Buy Runnin’ Down a Dream – Full Moon Fever

Buy Runnin’ Down A DreamAmazon

5.  The Red Hot Chili Peppers- Johnny Kick a Hole in the Sky

Buy Johnny, Kick a Hole In the Sky – Mother’s Milk

Buy Johnny, Kick A Hole In The Sky (2003 Digital Remaster) [Explicit]Amazon

6.  Faith No More- Falling to Pieces

Buy Falling to Pieces – The Real Thing

Buy Falling To Pieces Amazon

7.  The Pixies- Tame

Buy Tame – Doolittle

Buy TameAmazon

8.  Fugazi- And the Same

Buy And the Same – 13 Songs

Buy And The Same Amazon

9.  The Mekons- Echo

*Track not available on iTunes or Amazon

10.  Stevie Ray Vaughan- Tightrope

Buy Tightrope – In Step (Bonus Track Version)

Buy Tightrope Amazon

11.  The Beastie Boys- High Plains Drifter

Buy High Plains Drifter – Paul’s Boutique

Buy High Plains Drifter (2009 Digital Remaster) [Explicit]Amazon

12.  De La Soul- Change in Speak

*Track not available on iTunes or Amazon

13.  Jungle Brothers- Black Woman

Buy Black Woman – Done By the Forces of Nature

Buy Black Woman (Album Version)Amazon

14.  Janet Jackson- Alright

Buy Alright – Rhythm Nation 1814

Buy AlrightAmazon

15.  EPMD- Please Listen to My Demo

Buy Please Listen To My Demo – Unfinished Business

Buy Please Listen To My Demo [Explicit]Amazon

16.  Inner City- Good Life

Buy Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin’ – Good Life – The Best of Inner City

Buy Good Life (Edit) Amazon

17.  Soul II Soul- Holdin’ On (Bambelala)

Buy Holdin’ On (Bambelala) – Keep On Movin’

Buy Holdin’ OnAmazon

18.  Nine Inch Nails- Sin

Buy Sin – Pretty Hate Machine (2010 Remaster)

Buy SinAmazon

19.  Chris Isaak- Wicked Game

Buy Wicked Game – Heart Shaped World

Buy Wicked GameAmazon

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