Mixes By Year: Best of 1990 Volume 4

Best of 1990 Volume 4 (7/10/04)

1.  Alice In Chains- We Die Young

Buy We Die YoungAmazon


2.  Ice Cube- Once Upon A Time In The Projects

Buy Once Upon A Time In The Projects [Explicit] Amazon


3.  Public Enemy- Burnn Hollywood Burn

Buy Burn Hollywood Burn [feat. Big Daddy Kane] Amazon


4.  Fugazi- Repeater

Buy RepeaterAmazon


5.  Neil Young & Crazy Horse- Fuckin’ Up

Buy F*!#In’ UpAmazon


6.  Uncle Tupelo- Screen Door

Buy Screen Door (Album Version) Amazon


7.  Dwight Yoakam- Since I Started Drinkin’ Again

Buy Since I Started Drinkin’ Again Amazon


8.  The Pogues- The Sunny Side Of the Street

*This version not available via Amazon


9.  Main Source- Lookin’ Out My Front Door

Buy Looking At The Front Door Amazon


10.  Prince- Thieves In The Temple

Buy Thieves In The Temple ( LP Version ) Amazon


11.  Depeche Mode- Policy Of Truth

Buy Policy Of Truth (2006 Digital Remaster) Amazon


12.  The Cocteau Twins- Heaven Or Las Vegas

Buy Heaven Or Las VegasAmazon


13.  The Breeders- Hellbound

Buy Hell BoundAmazon


14.  The La’s- I Can’t Sleep

Buy I Can’t SleepAmazon


15.  A Tribe Called Quest- After Hours

Buy After HoursAmazon


16.  Chubb Rock- Treat ‘Em Right

Buy Treat ‘Em RightAmazon


17.  they Might Be Giants- Lucky Ball & Chain

Buy Lucky Ball And Chain Amazon


18.  George Michael- Freedom

Buy Freedom! ’90 (Album Version) Amazon


19.  The Pixies- Down To The Well

Buy Down To The WellAmazon


20.  Mother Love Bone- Man Of Golden Words

Buy Man Of Golden WordsAmazon


21.  The Connels- Stone Cold Yesterday

Buy Stone Cold Yesterday Amazon

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