Mixes By Year: Best of 1992 Volume 10

Best Of 1992 Volume 10 (6/16/18)

1. Ministry- N.W.O.

2. Sonic Youth- Swimsuit Issue

3. PJ Harvey- Victory

4. Pavement- Here

5.The Charlatans- Weirdo

6. The KLF- America: What Time Is Love (Radio Edit)

7. Metalheadz- Terminator

8. Shut Up And Dance- Raving I’m Raving

9. Bizarre Inc- I’m Gonna Get You (Original Remix Version)

10. Eric B & RAkim- Know The Ledge (Juice)

11. Gang Starr- Soliloquy Of Chaos

12. Pete Rock & CL Smooth- Straighten It Out

13. The Pharcyde- I’m That Type Of Nigga

14. Dr. Dre (Feat. RBX, Snoop Dogg & Dat Nigga Daz)- The Day The Niggaz Took Over

15. Ice Cube- When Will They Shoot?

16. Pantera- Fucking Hostile

17. Alice In Chains- God Smack

18. Tom Waits- Going Out West

19. INXS- Beautiful Girl

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