Mixes By Year: Best of 1992 Volume 4

Best of 1994 Volume 4 (9/25/04)

1.  The Beastie Boys- Jimmy James

Buy Jimmy James – Check Your Head

Buy Jimmy James [Explicit]Amazon

2.  House of Pain- Jump Around

Buy Jump Around – House of Pain

Buy Jump Around [Explicit]Amazon

3.  EPMD- Crossover

Buy Crossover – Out of Business (Limited Edition)

Buy Crossover [Explicit]Amazon

4.  Los Lobos- The Train Don’t Stop Here Anymore

Buy That Train Don’t Stop Here – Kiko

Buy That Train Don’t Stop HereAmazon

5.  Sonic Youth- Chapel Hill

Buy Chapel Hill – Dirty (Deluxe Edition) [Remastered]

Buy Chapel HillAmazon

6.  Mudhoney- Overblown

Buy Overblown – Singles (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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7.  Ween- The Stallion (Pt. 3)

Buy The Stallion Pt. 3 – Pure Guava

Buy The Stalliion Pt. 3Amazon

8.  Madonna- Deeper and Deeper (7″ Edit)

Buy Deeper and Deeper – Erotica

Buy Deeper And Deeper (Album Version)Amazon

9.  Neil Young- Unknown Legend

Buy Unknown Legend – Harvest Moon

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10.  Lucinda Williams- Little Angel, Little Brother

Buy Little Angel, Little Brother – Sweet Old World

Buy Little Angel, Little Brother (LP Version)Amazon

11.  Pavement- Loretta’s Scars

Buy Loretta’s Scars – Slanted & Enchanted (Remastered)

Buy Loretta’s ScarsAmazon

12.  Uncle Tupelo- Black Eye

Buy Black Eye – March 16-20, 1992

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13.  R.E.M.- Sweetless Follows

Buy Sweetness Follows – Automatic for the People

Buy Sweetness Follows Amazon

14.  The Cure- High

Buy High – Wish

Buy High ( LP Version ) Amazon

15.  The Flaming Lips- The Magician Vs. the Headache

Buy The Magician Vs. the Headache – Hit to Death In the Future Head

Buy The Magician Vs. The Headache [Explicit]Amazon

16.  XTC- The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead

Buy The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead – Nonsuch

Buy Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead (2001 Digital Remaster)Amazon

17.  Cracker- Happy Birthday to Me

Buy Happy Birthday – Cracker

Buy Happy Birthday To Me Amazon

18.  The Pharcyde- Ya Mama

Buy Ya Mama – Bizarre Ride II: The Pharcyde

Buy Ya MamaAmazon

19.  Tom Waits- That Feel

Buy That Feel – Bone Machine

Buy That FeelAmazon

20.  Jonathan Richman- Twilight in Boston

Buy Twilight in Boston – I, Jonathan

Buy Twilight In BostonAmazon

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