Mixes By Year: Best of 1995 Volume 5

Best of 1995 Volume 5 (7/30/08)

1.  Oasis- Hey Now!

Buy Hey Now – (What’s the Story) Morning Glory
Buy Hey Now (Album Version) Amazon

2.  Elastica- Annie

Buy Annie – Elastica
Buy Annie Amazon

3.  Ash- Girl From Mars (Single Version)

Buy Girl from Mars – 1977 / Trailer (Remastered)
Buy Girl From Mars Amazon

4. Guided By Voices- Motor Away

Buy Motor Away – Alien Lanes
Buy Motor Away Amazon

5.  Rancid- Lock, Step & Gone

Buy Lock, Step & Gone – …And Out Come the Wolves
Buy Lock, Step & Gone (Album Version) Amazon

6.  The Smashing Pumpkins- Zero

Buy Zero (Remastered) – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (Remastered)
Buy Zero [Explicit] Amazon

7.  Pulp- Sorted for E’s and Whizz

Buy Sorted for E’s & Wizz – Different Class
Buy Sorted For E’s & Wizz Amazon

8.  The Cardigans- Carnival

*Track not available via iTunes or Amazon

9.  The Chemical Brothers- Life Is Sweet

Buy Life Is Sweet – Exit Planet Dust
Buy Life Is Sweet Amazon

10.  Junior M.A.F.I.A. (Feat. The Notorious B.I.G.)- Get Money

Buy Get Money (Performed By Junior M.A.F.I.A.) – The Notorious B.I.G.: Greatest Hits
Buy Get Money [Performed by Junior M.A.F.I.A.] [Explicit] Amazon

11.  GZA/Genius- Shadowboxin’

Buy Shadowboxin’ – Liquid Swords
Buy Shadowboxin’ (Album Version (Explicit)) [feat. Method Man] Amazon

12.  Raekwon- Incarcerated Scarfaces

Buy Incarcerated Scarfaces – Only Built 4 Cuban Linx
Buy Incarcerated Scarfaces Amazon

13.  Tricky- Aftermath

Buy Aftermath – Maxinquaye
Buy Aftermath Amazon

14.  the 6ths (Feat. Mary Timony)- All Dressed Up in Dreams

Buy All Dressed Up in Dreams – Wasps’ Nests
Buy All Dressed Up In Dreams Amazon

15.  Yo La Tengo- Tom Courtenay

Buy Tom Courtenay – Electr-O-Pura
Buy Tom Courtenay Amazon

16.  Pavement- Rattled By the Rush

Buy Rattled By the Rush – Wowee Zowee (Sordid Sentinels Edition)
Buy Rattled By The Rush Amazon

17.  Radiohead- The Bends

Buy The Bends – The Bends
Buy The Bends Amazon

18.  The Jayhawks- Bad Time

Buy Bad Time – Tomorrow the Green Grass
Buy Bad Time (Album Version) Amazon

19.  Chavez- Hack the Sides Away

Buy Hack the Sides Away – Better Days Will Haunt You
Buy Hack The Sides Away Amazon

20.  Green Day- Walking Contradiction

Buy Walking Contradiction – Insomniac
Buy Walking Contradiction Amazon

21.  The Foo Fighters- Big Me

Buy Big Me – Foo Fighters
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