Mixes By Year: Best of 1996 Volume 2

Best of 1996 Volume 2 (1/27/03)

1.  Steve Earle- I Feel Alright

Buy Feel Alright – I Feel Alright

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2.  Beck- Devil’s Haircut

Buy Devils Haircut – Odelay

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3.  The Fugees- Ready Or Not

Buy Ready or Not – The Score

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4.  Stereolab- The Noise Of Carpet

Buy The Noise of Carpet – Emperor Tomato Ketchup

Buy The Noise Of Carpet (LP Version)Amazon

5.  Fiona Apple- Criminal

Buy Criminal – Tidal

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6.  Luscious Jackson- Why Do I Lie?

Buy Why Do I Lie? – Fever In Fever Out

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7.  Everything But The Girl- Wrong

Buy Wrong (LP Version) – Walking Wounded

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8.  DJ Shadow- Mutual Slump

Buy Mutual Slump – Endtroducing…

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9.  Prince- Holy River

*Track not available via iTunes

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10.  Wilco- Red-Eyed and Blue

Buy Red-Eyed and Blue – Being There

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11.  Sheryl Crow- Every Day Is a Winding Road

Buy Everyday Is a Winding Road – Sheryl Crow

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12.  Nas- Street Dreams

Buy Street Dreams – It Was Written

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13.  The Roots- Concerto Of the Desperado

Buy Concerto of the Desperado – Illadelph Halflife

Buy Concerto Of The Desperado [Explicit]Amazon

14.  Sleater-Kinney- Call the Doctor

Buy Call the Doctor – Call the Doctor

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15.  Silkworm- Nerves

Buy Nerves – Firewater

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16.  Soundgarden- Burden In My Hand

Buy Burden In My Hand – Down On the Upside

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17.  Sebadoh- Ocean

Buy Ocean – Harmacy

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18.  Manic Street Preachers- Kevin Carter

Buy Kevin Carter – Everything Must Go

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19.  Belle & Sebastian- You’re Just A Baby

Buy You’re Just a Baby – Tigermilk

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20.  Weezer- Falling For You

Buy Falling for You – Pinkerton

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