Mixes By Year: Best of 1996 Volume 6

Best of 1996 Volume 6 (3/25/08)

1.  Heatmiser- Pop In G

Buy Pop In G – Mic City Sons
Buy Pop In GAmazon


2.  Weezer- El Scorcho

Buy El Scorcho – Pinkerton
Buy El ScorchoAmazon


3.  The Wrens- Surprise, Honeycomb

Buy Surprise, Honeycomb – Secaucus
Buy Surprise, HoneycombAmazon


4.  Brian Jonestown Massacre- Who?

Buy Who? – Take It from the Man
Buy Who?Amazon


5.  Lilys- Nanny In Manhattan

*Track not available via iTunes
Buy A Nanny in Manhattan (Single-CD) *only available as maxi-single


6. Jason Falkner- I Live

Buy I Live – Presents Author Unknown
Buy I Live (LP Version)Amazon


7.  Pearl Jam- Mankind

Buy Mankind – No Code
Buy MankindAmazon


8.  Everything But The Girl- Before Today

Buy Before Today (LP Version) – Walking Wounded
Buy Before Today (LP Version)Amazon


9.  DJ Shadow- Stem/Long Stem **Transmission 2

Buy Stem / Long Stem / Transmission 2 – Endtroducing…
Buy Stem/Long StemAmazon


10.  Dr. Octagon- I’m Destructive

Buy I’m Destructive – Dr. Octagonecologyst
Buy I’m DestructiveAmazon


11.  Ghostface Killah- Black Jesus  (including Interlude)

Buy Black Jesus – Ironman
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12.  Jay-Z (Feat. Foxy Brown)- Ain’t No N**ga

Buy Ain’t No N***a (feat. Foxy Brown) – Reasonable Doubt
Buy Ain’t No NiggaAmazon


13.  2Pac-  How Do U Want It

Buy How Do U Want It – All Eyez On Me (Remastered)
Buy How Do U Want ItAmazon


14.  DJ Kool- Let Me Clear My Throat (Old School Remix)

Buy Let Me Clear My Throat (Old School Reunion Remix ’96) – Let Me Clear My Throat
Buy Let Me Clear My Throat (Old School Reunion Remix ’96)Amazon


15.  Cake- The Distance

Buy The Distance – Fashion Nugget (Deluxe Version)
Buy The DistanceAmazon


16.  Sleater-Kinney- I’m Not Waiting

Buy I’m Not Waiting – Call the Doctor
Buy I’m Not WaitingAmazon


17.  Fiona Apple- Shadowboxer

Buy Shadowboxer – Tidal
Buy ShadowboxerAmazon


18.  Beck- Sissyneck

Buy Sissyneck – Odelay
Buy SissyneckAmazon


19.  Olivia Tremor Control- Spring Succeeds

Buy Spring Succeeds – Music From The Unrealized Film Script: Dusk At Cubist Castle
Buy Spring SucceedsAmazon


20.  Tricky- Vent

Buy Vent – Pre-Millennium Tension
*Track not available via Amazon

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