Mixes By Year: Best of 1997 Volume 7

Best of 1997 Volume 7 (9/25/10)

1.  Harvey Danger- Flagpole Sitta

Buy Flagpole Sitta – Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone?

2.  The Dismemberment Plan- Do the Standing Still

Buy Do the Standing Still – The Dismemberment Plan Is Terrified

3.  Guided By Voices- Not Behind the Fighter Jet

Buy Not Behind the Fighter Jet – Mag Earwhig!

4.  Primal Scream- Kowalski

Buy Kowalski – Vanishing Point

5.  Aphex Twin- Come to Daddy (Pappi Mix Version)

Buy Come to Daddy (Pappy Mix Version) – Come to Daddy

6.  Spiritualized- Electricity

Buy Electricity – Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space

7.  Built to Spill- Kicked It in the Sun

Buy Kicked It In the Sun – Perfect from Now On

8.  Lambchop- Your F**king Sunny Day

Buy Your F*****g Sunny Day – Thriller

9.  Belle & Sebastian- Lazy Line Painter Jane

Buy Lazy Line Painter Jane – Push Barman to Open Old Wounds

10.  The Clientele- We Could Walk Together

Buy We Could Walk Together – Suburban Light

11.  Pavement- Shady Lane

Buy Shady Lane/J Vs. S – Brighten the Corners

12.  White Town- Your Woman

Buy Your Woman – Women in Technology

13.  Missy Elliott (Feat. 702 & Magoo)- Beep Me 911

Buy Beep Me 911 – Supa Dupa Fly

14.  Jay-Z- Who You Wit II

Buy Who You Wit II – In My Lifetime, Vol. 1

15.  Company Flow (Feat. BMS)- Vital Nerve

Buy Vital Nerve (feat BMS) – Funcrusher Plus (Bonus version)

16.  The Notorious B.I.G.- You’re Nobody (‘Til Somebody Kills You)

Buy You’re Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You) – Life After Death

17.  Elliott Smith- Miss Misery

Buy Miss Misery – Good Will Hunting (Music from the Motion Picture)

18.  Radiohead- Lucky

Buy Lucky – OK Computer

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