Mixes By Year: Best of 1999 Volume 2

Best of 1999 Volume 2 (3/26/03)

1.  Built To Spill- The Plan

Buy The Plan – Keep It Like a Secret
Buy The PlanAmazon

2.  Rage Against The Machine- Guerilla Radio

Buy Guerilla Radio – Body of War – Songs That Inspired an Iraq War Veteran (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Buy Guerrilla RadioAmazon

3.  Quannum MC’s- Bombonyall

Buy Bombonyall – Quannum Spectrum
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4.  The White Stripes- Jimmy the Exploder

Buy Jimmy the Exploder – The White Stripes
Buy Jimmy The Exploder (Album Version)Amazon

5.  Tom Waits- Big In Japan

Buy Big In Japan – Mule Variations
Buy Big In JapanAmazon

6.  Moby- Southside

Buy South Side – Play & Play: B Sides
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7.  Beck- Sexx Laws

Buy Sexx Laws – Midnite Vultures
Buy Sexx LawsAmazon

8.  Chemical Brothers- Let Forever Be

Buy Let Forever Be – Surrender
Buy Let Forever BeAmazon

9.  Blur- Coffee & TV

Buy Coffee & TV – 13
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10.  Eminem- Just Don’t Give a Fuck

Buy Just Don’t Give a F**k – The Slim Shady LP
Buy Just Don’t Give A Fuck [Explicit]Amazon

11.  Nine Inch Nails- Even Deeper

Buy Even Deeper – The Fragile
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12.  The Flaming Lips- Spiderbite Song

Buy The Spiderbite Song – The Soft Bulletin
Buy The Spiderbite SongAmazon

13.  Wilco- A Shot in the Arm

Buy A Shot In the Arm – Summerteeth
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14.  Travis- Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

Buy Why Does It Always Rain On Me? – The Man Who
Buy Why Does It Always Rain On Me?Amazon

15.  The Roots (Feat. Erykah Bad)- You Got Me

Buy You Got Me – Things Fall Apart
Buy You Got Me [Explicit]Amazon

16.  Magnetic Fields- The Luckiest Guy On the Lower East Side

Buy The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side – 69 Love Songs (Box Set)
Buy The Luckiest Guy On The Lower East SideAmazon

17.  Sigur Ros- Sven-N-Englar

Buy Svefn – G – Englar – Agaetis Byrjun
Buy Svefn – G – EnglarAmazon

18.  Aimee Mann- One

BuyOne – Magnolia (Music from the Motion Picture)

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