Mixes By Year: Best of 1999 Volume 5

Best of 1999 Volume 5 (10/29/08)

1.  Mos Def- Hip Hop

Buy Hip Hop – Black On Both Sides
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2.  The Roots- Act Too (The Love Of My Life)

Buy Act Too (The Love of My Life) – Things Fall Apart
Buy Act Too (The Love Of My Life) [Explicit]Amazon

3.  Prince Paul (Feat. De La Soul)- More Than U Know

*Track not available via iTunes
Buy More Than U Know [Explicit]Amazon

4.  Destiny’s Child- Bills, Bills, Bills

Buy Bills, Bills, Bills – The Writing’s On the Wall
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5.  Missy Elliott (Feat. Big Boi & Nicole)- All In My Grill

Buy All N My Grill – Da Real World
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6.  Beth Orton- Couldn’t Cause Me Harm

Buy Couldn’t Cause Me Harm – Central Reservation
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7.  The Clientele- I Had To Say This

Buy I Had to Say This – Suburban Light
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8.  Magnetic Fields- Absolutely Cuckoo

Buy Absolutely Cuckoo – 69 Love Songs (Box Set)
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9.  The Dismemberment Plan- The City

Buy The City – Emergency & I
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10.  Super Furry Animals- Do Or Die

Buy Do or Die – Guerilla
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11.  Rage Against The Machine- Calm Like a Bomb

Buy Calm Like a Bomb – The Battle of Los Angeles
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12.  Sleater-Kinney- Hot Rock

Buy Hot Rock – The Hot Rock
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13.  Le Tigre- Deceptacon

Buy Deceptacon – Le Tigre
*This version not available via Amazon

14.  And You Will Know Us By the Trail Of Dead- Mark David Chapman

*Not available via iTunes or Amazon

15.  Pavement- Speak, See, Remember

Buy Speak, See, Remember – Terror Twilight
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16.  The Red Hot Chili Peppers- Other Side

Buy Otherside – Californication
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17.  Olivia Tremor Control- A Sleepy Company

Buy A Sleepy Company – Black Foliage: Animation Music (Remastered)
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18.  Bonnie “Prince” Billy- Minor Place

Buy A Minor Place – I See a Darkness
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19.  Aphex Twin- Windowlicker

Buy Windowlicker – Windowlicker – EP
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20.  Wilco- Summer Teeth

BuySummer Teeth – Summerteeth

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