Mixes By Year: Best of 2001 Volume 6

Best of 2001 Volume 6 (12/14/08)

1.  Drive-By Truckers- Let There Be Rock

Buy Let There Be Rock – Southern Rock Opera
Buy Let There Be RockAmazon


2.  The Dismemberment Plan- Pay for the Piano

Buy Pay for the Piano – Change
*Track not available via Amazon


3.  Fugazi- Cashout

Buy Cashout – The Argument
Buy Cashout Amazon


4.  Tool- Schism

*Track not available via iTunes or Amazon


5.  Unwound- Demons Sing Love Songs

Buy Demons Sing Love Songs – Leaves Turn Inside You
Buy Demons Sing Love SongsAmazon


6.  The Microphones- The Glow, Part 2

Buy the Glow pt. 2 – the Glow pt. 2
Buy the Glow pt. 2Amazon


7.  Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds- As I Sat Sadly By Her Side

Buy As I Sat Sadly By Her Side – No More Shall We Part (Remastered)
Buy As I Sat Sadly By Her Side (2011 – Remaster)Amazon


8.  Alicia Keys- Woman’s Worth

Buy A Woman’s Worth – Songs In A Minor
Buy A Woman’s WorthAmazon


9.  Angie Stone- Brotha

Buy Brotha – Mahogany Soul
Brotha Amazon


10.  Nas- One Mic

Buy One Mic – Stillmatic
Buy One Mic (Explicit Album Version)Amazon


11.  Jay-Z- U Don’t Know

Buy U Don’t Know – The Blueprint
Buy U Don’t Know [Explicit]Amazon


12.  The Strokes- Last Night

Buy Last Nite – Is This It
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13.  Missy Elliott- Lick Shots

Buy Lick Shots (Original LP Version) – Miss E…So Addictive
Buy Lick Shots (Original LP Version) [Explicit]Amazon


14.  Guided By Voices- Chasing Heather Crazy

Buy Chasing Heather Crazy – Isolation Drills
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15.  The Shins- Know Your Onion!

Buy Know Your Onion! – Oh, Inverted World
Buy Know Your Onion! (Album)Amazon


16.  Jimmy Eat World- The Middle

Buy The Middle – Jimmy Eat World
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17.  Bjork (Feat. Thom Yorke)- Hidden Place

Buy Hidden Place – Vespertine

Buy Hidden PlaceAmazon


18.  Dntel- (This is) The Dream of Evan & Chan

Buy (This Is) the Dream of Evan and Chan [Remastered] – Life Is Full of Possibilities (Deluxe Edition)
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